Blog Update and a Little About Me

First of there will be no new Review this weekend and there might not be for a while as I have been having major issues with my laptop. I am really hoping I can get it repaired tomorrow though but even after that it might be a while before the next review.

Still I thought I would use this week’s post as a chance to let anyone reading this blog to learn a little bit about the author of this blog. You can just call me Mistress of Yaoi. I am a long time anime fan and if the name is anything to go by you can probably guess my favorite genre. I’ve been a yaoi fan for over a decade now, so I think I’m past that squealing fangirl stereo type. (that being said I was probably one of those in my early years as a fan) I’ve also been an anime fan for far longer.

My earliest memories of anime are watching shows like Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion (though I hope that does not make me sound older than what I am, when I was a kid those shows would air very early in the morning on Nickelodeon)

Other shows I grew up watching and loving included Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Pokemon and other’s that use to air before school. I also remember watching shows like Gundam Wing on toonami as well as Transformers Armada (yes that one is an anime so it counts)

After anime my other passion is Transformers and I’m not ashamed to admit at times my interests have crossed over if you catch my drift. Also I hope I don;t have to name my favourite.


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