Of Love and Distance

This Review is Dedicated to the love of my life, I will always love you Simon.

The first time I saw Voices of a Distant Star I instantly fell in love with it and I have loved the work of Makoto Shinkai ever since then and I’m always excited when I learn there is something new he has in the works.

His work just seems to grow more visibly stunning with each new work, you just have to sit down and watch ‘Garden of Words’ to see how gorgeous the artwork he and his team can create is, every scene is wallpaper fodder for anime lovers.

That being said the art style of Voices is very dated (art wise at the very least) compared to his newer works, but it is an amazing work of love it really is and that is part of the reason why I wanted to review it for Valentines Day this year.

Voices of a Distant Star tells the story of two lovers who are separated by a war and of distance. I must admit this is a story that has been used to death in many different story telling mediums but there is a fresh take on this story that makes me love it so much.

Teenage girl Mikako Nagamine is recruited into the UN Space army to fight an alien menace threatening the very existance of mankind. This story on it’s own would have made an amazing anime series and yet the story instead chose to focus on the struggle that is placed upon Mikako as the distance between her and her beloved boyfriend Noboru and how it and their love grows.

We see them both struggle more and more as the distance between them grows. Its not just distance between them its time its very self. The only way Mikako has to keep in contact with her lover is text message from her mobile phone. (unrealistic I know for a sci-fi story if you think about it for too long but the emotions of the story suck you into such an unbelievable story) Mikako tries so hard to keep her connection with Nobaru by texting him nearly everyday, but the farther away from earth the fleet moves the longer it takes for her messages to reach Nobaru. The final message takes several years to reach the one she loves.

We don’t just see Mikako’s side of this love in the movie though, we also see Nobaru go through his own journey of missing Mikako and his love growing to the point of almost being to painful to bare, my favourite quote from the movie actually comes from Nobaru himself when he is contemplating his love of Mikako.

Nobaru: The time between Mikako and I drifts further and further apart. That is why I have made a goal: to make my heart harder, colder and stronger. The door that I know will never open. I won’t knock on it eternally. I will become an adult, even alone. 

I am of the belief that true love, cannot be changed by distance or time. In fact I live my own love this way because my love is a distant love. It could be because of this why this particular love story hit’s me so hard, this is one of those movies that when I watch it I cannot help but shed a tear, even though I know the story off by heart because I have watched the movie so many times.

I am coming into nearly ten years into my current relationship (that is if I include the time he became a precious true friend to me, through a time when I had lost a lot of trust in the people around me).

It is a love that a cherish more than anything in my life, a love that has helped heal me through some of the traumas of my life and helped me grow into the stronger confident person I am today

I live in Western Australia and the person that owns my very heart and soul lives all the way in England. My mum bought me a mug she found last year that has the United Kingdom flag on it and before that she bought me a money box that looks like a London bus. These simple jesters from her showed me that she accepts and approves of the choice I have made to be in this relationship.

Over the years the one I love has sent me necklaces, a bracelet, a pocket watch and a T-shirt with the Decepticon Insignia on it. When I wear these items and I will admit a day does not go by where I do not wear at least one of these items I feel close to him. When I’m having a bad day or a day where despite everything else in my life I feel lonely I just look at the item I am wearing and I am reminded that I don’t have to be lonely because he is in my heart.

The distance between us physically is roughly 14,470 kilometres, but the space between our hearts is thinner than the head of a needle.

To all the lover’s in this world separated by distance, Happy Valentines Day

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