Yuri!!! on Ice (not that kind)


Bet you would not have guessed that after Yaoi my favourite anime genre is Sports. I have always been a lover of the story of an underdog fighting against the odds and coming out on top.

I don’t watch or know much about American Football but I love the movies ‘The Blindside’ and ‘Remember the Titans’. These are real character driven stories and as I have stated countless times already on this blog I am a lover of character driven stories. My favorite kind of stories are the ones where as your watching you are right there sitting on the sidelines cheering the characters on and loving every moment of it. You experience the highs and the lows.

Some of the most fun I have had within anime in the last few years was binge watching a lot of sports animes including Hajime no Ippo, Eyeshield 21, Kuroko no Basket, Baby Steps and of course Free! to name a few.


As a teaser trailer this anime has my interest peaked, the art and character designs already look gorgeous, as for plot I could not pick up much about it from this one trailer alone, well except that it’s about figure skating. I must confess as a child I myself enjoyed watching figure skating on tv whenever the winter Olympics were on. I was always in awe with the grace and beauty of the sport so here’s hoping for a beautiful anime series.


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