April Update

So I’ve kind of come to a decision about Yaoi Playground here. At the beginning of each month I’m going to be posting an update to let everyone know about what I’m working on for the blog and how I think things are going. (plus it gives me an excuse to share some of my favorite Starscream art in the featured image 😛 )

First I want to talk about a writing project I have in  the works for this blog that I have been spending the better part of the last two months researching (to anyone who follows me on twitter you would have seen me mention working on this) Hopefully the first part of what I am hoping to be an on going series will be posted mid this month.

Second I will be writing a few more posts about anime I am looking forward to and plan on watching in the upcoming anime season as well as some first impressions of a few that have already caught my interest. I also have two yaoi reviews coming this month one of which was an anime that aired last season.

Thirdly, not all my writing is here on Yaoi Playground. I’m a fanfic lover, reader and writer. I have written a lot of different fanfiction over the years but it was only last year that I started sharing my stuff online again (i use to post over a decade ago under another online name). So of course naturally some of my writing time is used for fanfiction writing, also to those who are curious, I post my best stuff (well best in my opinion) on my Archive of our Own page.

I am a lover and supporter of all those who write within the fanfiction community.

So this will hopefully be a busy month here at Yaoi Playground, plus I also have my birthday to look forward to this month yay!


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