This Boy is a Professional Wizard – Anime Review

I have found myself within the last month watching a lot if anime with short episodes, and when I say short I mean it, most of them don’t even hit the ten-minute mark. Orenchi no Furo Jijo,  She and Her Cat ~Everything Flows~ and even Makura no Danshi to name a few. (The last I will admit has become a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine, also Yuichiro Iida is my favorite)

This boy is a Professional Wizard is the fourth in the Kono Danshi/ This boy series. The others including This Boy Can Fight Aliens, This Boy Caught a Merman and This boy Suffers from Crystallization.


The most obvious and eye-catching of all these titles is defiantly the bright and vibrant color pallet of the art throughout them, and these bright colors act almost as a mask to the dark and emotional themes these anime tell. They all have a theme of overcoming that which challenges us most whether that be finding out who we are or what our worth is to ourselves and those around us.

This Boy is a Professional Wizard covers a similar issue with the main character who put’s all his self-worth into one aspect of his life and see’s himself as useless in every other part of his life. This is a struggle that I think many people can relate to. We get praised in one thing we do by those around us constantly but no one seems to notice the other little things that make up who we are. When others don’t see these parts of ourselves as important we ourselves begin to feel that maybe there is no worth in those parts of us.


A brilliant representation of how negative thoughts can feel at times

For as long as I can remember people have treated me differently offline the moment they hear four letters about me, ADHD. People hear those four letters and automatically assume I’m some hyperactive daydreamer who cannot focus on anything so I must be an idiot. I like to think this is far from the truth about me. I might be easily distracted but that does not make me stupid it just takes me a little longer to work things out.

It can be just as easy for ourselves to make assumptions about ourselves based on how those around us see us. Sometimes peoples assumptions about us can be so far from the real us that we begin to question how we project ourselves to those around others and we might even start hiding parts of ourselves that we believe those around us will never accept.

Learning to accept ourselves can be one of the hardest things in the world to do, but it is also one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. If we believe in ourselves then nothing anyone else can say about us can tear us down and maybe we can even let others in and love us for who we are.



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