Will the Phoenix Wright Anime Welcome Newcomers or is it just fan Pandering?

One thing I must admit I worry about when I write reviews here on my blog is whether as a fan I can be subjective enough to give a good review of something, and not entirely let my emotional connection to a piece influence me completely when critiquing something.

What do I mean by this? Well say I was to review something that was critically acclaimed, loved by millions around the whole world and I personally thought it was meh? I would have to stand back and try and see why everyone else loves this thing so much and if my dislike to it is my own personal taste and perhaps it is a masterpiece and I just don’t see it. It could also however just be crap and people are loving it like a flock of mindless sheep each perpetuating the same response to the creation because that is the popular thing to do in that moment. If things like trends come and go can the same be said about whether something is good or not?¬†Sometimes a movie will be a total bust at the box office but decades down the line will become a cult classic.


The reason I bring this up while talking about the anime I must admit I have been looking forward to the most this season is because I am a huge fan of the Ace Attorney series of games, I have been ever since I played the first game on my DS. I was instantly hooked on the who done it game play of solving the case and fell instantly in love with many of the characters and the humor the amount of times I got told off by family members for laughing so hard at the games dialogue are far too many to count. Then there was and is the yaoi fandom around the games, oh of course I’m going their. Personally I was a fan of Gumshoe x Edgeworth (and this was before the Edgeworth game came out)


I have watched the first episode of the anime series and I see that it has stuck right to it’s roots with the game and as a fan of the games I find this absolutely brilliant, but as an anime fan I find myself wondering, will those who have not played the game get all the in jokes? All the game references? Will they be able to follow the plot of the series without any insight of the characters from the games? Only time will tell I suppose, but I’ll be sure to let my readers know if I have any Objections! to the series.



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