The Art of the First Impression and My Hero Academia

A lot can hang on the power of a first impression. From getting a job, to dating to finding a new anime to sit down and watch we judge many things on our first impression. It is because of this that I see many anime fans going by what they call ‘The Three Episode Rule’; if an anime has caught their interest within the first three episodes they will more than likely continue and finish the series. On this subject I highly recommend reading Do Stories Really Get Better?  which got me thinking about anime first impressions before I started watching the first episode of My Hero Academia.

The first episode without giving away any spoilers for those who have not watched it yet, takes place in a world were a large percentage of the population has super powers. This has given birth to the rise of both Heroes and Villains. So does our story focus on one of these young heroes in the making? Well sort of, you see Deku wants nothing more than to be a hero like his hero All Might there is only one issue  Deku was born in the small part of the population without any powers, he is completely ‘normal‘. (I put normal in quotation marks here because normal is described as what is normal by the mass populace and it seems as though it is more normal in this world to actually have powers)


This set up alone already peaks my interest because I am as stated previously am a fan of not only character driven stories but also under dog stories which I can see this being. The only thing that might stop me from completely getting into this show in all honesty is it’s genre. Don’t get me wrong I like and even love a many shounen animes, but if this turns into a long running series like Naruto or Bleach with an on going seemingly never ending narrative I can see myself growing bored and dropping the show.


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