Thankyou for the Support!

I know it’s nothing too exciting to report but Yaoi Playground has just hit 10 followers for the blog! As I said ten is not really that big of a number but to know that I have a growing audience just puts a smile on my face.


I don’t know what exactly I was expecting when I started this blog, honestly I just wanted to share my opinion on anime and as well as other things within the fandom and beyond and just know that I have this support is just mind  boggling.

Offline I must admit I have been feeling very down on myself lately with stress in my life that has been going on for far longer than it should be but this blog has been a welcome escape for me so again thank you to everyone! I especially however want to give a big thanks to Aria Cross and her wonderful blog Fujinsei and for her event the Blog Carnival at the beginning of this month which introduced me to some wonderful blogs and bloggers as well as allowed me to share my work with the greater ani-blogger community.


3 thoughts on “Thankyou for the Support!

    • my top five to suggest to any newbie to watching yaoi anime are as follows

      Gravitation (subbed not dubbed trust me on this)
      Junjou Romantica
      Zetsuai / Bronze ( an old two epsiode ova)
      Sensitive Pornograph

      This collection of anime gives a full selection of the different type of stories you can find in yaoi

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      • Aww I’ve seen junjo And gravitation only loveless I’ve been putting off for years lol but the others I’ll deg give a crack 🙂


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