Objection! Why I dropped the Ace Attorney Anime

Expectations are a funny thing, if you set them low you can sometimes find a gem but if you set them too high you can be setting yourself up for disappointment and unfortunately that is the case for me when it came to Ace Attorney.

I thoroughly loved the first three games for the 3DS and hearing that it was getting adapted into an anime got me really excited. Unfortunately for me it fell short as an adaptation  because and this might be a weird complaint, but for me it fell short because it was too accurate to the source material.

Miles_Edgeworth_Portrait.pngComedy is something that can be difficult to pull off because if you can see the punchline coming then you might not find the joke funny and this was the case for me when it came to the Ace Attorney anime. Unfortunately also as a mystery show it also falls short for someone already a fan of the franchise because of it’s faithfulness to the source material, there is a lack of suspense because as a fan you can see what is coming and it is just no fun sitting there watching a mystery type show and going to yourself ‘this is going to happen next’ over and over again and getting it right.

Overall I have to say if you want to get into Ace Attorney I recommend the games over the anime as they have more depth and character development about the only thing I liked about the anime was the voice choice for Miles Edgeworth but even this was not enough to keep me watching.


7 thoughts on “Objection! Why I dropped the Ace Attorney Anime

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  2. It’s garbage. The worst part is that a lot of people are watching it without having played the games. This adaptation is an unenjoyable piece of crap that will only spoil the story for them without any impact. I don’t understand why people keep watching anime adaptations and playing watered down videogame remakes instead of going straight to the source material.

    Even when the adaptation IS enjoyable by itself and works as a standalone show, it’s still a lot less enjoyable than playing/reading the original work. For example, the Higurashi anime adaptation. It’s somewhat enjoyable, but nowhere near the visual novel. As an adaptation, it’s ATROCIOUS. The original visual novel series is one of the best stories ever written. Watching the equivalent of a Wikipedia summary before actually reading the novels greatly reduces the emotional impact, ruins the mystery, gives you a wrong impression of the characters and robs you of the chance to read them unspoiled for all eternity.

    The neverending story is also a book that was completely overshadowed and misrepresented by its movie adaptation. How many people have actually read this wonderful and amazing book? How many are actually interested in reading it? Nobody, because everyone thinks it’s a stupid story about a kid reading a book.

    God, I hate shitty anime adaptations.

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