Delays in New Posts and life issues

Due to laptop issues earlier this week as well as needing to look even harder for employment (yes I am long term unemployed, it is hard for me to find work due to having a bad back) I have fallen behind in my writing of the next few reviews as well as my fanfiction work. (which if I am honest has not been updated for months)

On the bright side the laptop issue has been fixed for the time being with a new power cord even though I know there are other issues it is working as best as it can at this point and it works for what I need it for so I am grateful for that.

When I lost access to using my laptop earlier this week, in all honestly I broke down emotionally because if I am completely honest with myself it is the online communities and friends that are keeping me emotionally above water at the moment. I have been depressed on and off since my teenage years and my anxiety has just grown worse over the last five years. I am working through these issues with myself but over recent years family issues that I will not get into has pushed my stress levels passed their threshold and if it wasn’t for some very special people in my life I honestly do not know where my head would be today.

I want to thank also everyone who has supported me here so far and know that the reviews will come and that I am loving every minute I am spending within the aniblogger community.

I currently have three reviews on the way, one for the short anime series, She and her Cat: Everything Flows, a review of Parasyte and a new yaoi review on my favorite yaoi franchise. I also have one other work at the moment that will hopefully be done mid this month so this should hopefully be a fun and busy month once I get things done.


4 thoughts on “Delays in New Posts and life issues

  1. Glad to hear your laptop issue is all fixed, I’d had internet issues for the last three week kept switching on and off sooooooo annoying oh my god lol I hope you find a suitable job for yourself what kind of job are you looking to do ?
    Oh the ani blogging community is amazing on here and I’ve loved every second myself of being here, it’s a must for me to check wordpress every day haha lol
    Can’t wait from more posts from you my dear 🙂


    • I’ve got training to work in a library but it is a hard career to get into as jobs are few and far between. It’s hard to get into but with my skill set it is the perfect job for me. I would love anything that has me working with books to be honest but I also look for retail work because it is the most advertised kind of job but at the same time with that my back works against me into getting that kind of work. I literally am a walking catch twenty two.

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      • Ooo working in a library I remember when I was still in school and tried to get volunteer work there and was hard to even have a look in lol
        Yes retail is the easy way to go but hope you find something that wouldn’t put too much strain on your back.

        btw this friday feature you were my post of the week 🙂


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