Let’s Talk About Orlando

I know this is an anime blog, but I feel as an ally and supporter of the LGBT community here in Perth, Western Australia and as someone who myself identifies as non binary , I feel I need to talk about what happened in Orlando.

At first I honestly did not want to say anything about this, but after seeing the crying mother outside the club begging for her son and my mums reaction to that as well as the anger I have seen in my partner, I decided I need to talk about this.

I cannot describe how disgusted this news had me feeling, it was a a dark pit in my stomach that has been sitting and stagnating through out the day today. It feels like humanity is trying over and over again to out do just how cruel we can be to each other. I’m not going to go all social justice warrior on how we all need to treat others better or else, because I have my own set of problems with the whole SJW movement online, the biggest of which being I think a lot of them are far to idealistic and are not realistic enough on the real problems.

What terrified me the most about what happened in Orlando was the background of the gunman and no I don’t mean his ‘Muslim’ religious background. Interviews with his father have stated that he was not a practicing Muslim and acted more like an extremist. Not all Muslims are extremist / terrorist. This broad spectrum of Muslims that a lot of media and people are trying to project is no different than say, saying or white people are skin heads or all German’s are Nazis.

The act of shooting down a group of people just because the thought of seeing people like them angers you to the point you want to do that is not healthy, the gunman clearly had mental health issues, and this is not the fault of all of the Muslim community. It is a small group that radicalizes the fractured minds of a few individuals and it is those people we should be angry with not just a whole community.

The loss of so many young lives is beyond tragic in any way, whether is be a shooting in a club, a school or in a third world country. People fight for equality but when tragedies like this strike the idea of equality is quickly tossed out of the window to see what kind of spin the media can put on the story. I’m not trying to down play the tragedy of one situation over another but all lives matter not just a few.

The gunman was a sick man who needed help, but that need for help in no way excuses what he did. If he had gotten the help he needed could this have been prevented? Their is no definitive answer to this question. If there had been tougher gun laws in America like what we have here in Australia could this have been prevented? Maybe, but then again maybe not, if not a gun and he wanted to still make a statement he could have just as easily ran in there with a machete or made a home made bomb.

I find myself however more disgusted by what has happened after this atrocity more than the act itself if I am completely honest. People online turning the gunman into some martyr, a hero for wiping out all these ‘gay’ lives. When I see this families torn apart by this whole situation, I don’t see gay lives lost, I see the lives of people lost. To celebrate the loss of innocent lives just goes to show how far humanity has really come in this age of technology.

Have all these shooting in America made us so cold to what is happening? Has it gotten to the point now where we are no longer shocked by such atrocities, and instead of being shocked when we see it on the news are we getting to a point where such horrendous events begin to feel like a normal news story?

No different to the latest sports results and this weeks weather,  and if so I have to ask; when did we become so numb?

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