She and Her Cat, Me and My Cat

Sometimes it is the simplest of moments that can be the most profound and precious to us and from the work of Mokoto Shinkai I get the feeling it is these precious moments that are the message of his films. How precious but a moment can be is something we don’t realize till that moment is gone and this was a message that was clear to me upon first watching Voices of a Distant Star. In this review I will be talking about two other works by Mokoto Shinkai that are bound by a common narrative but were released 16 years apart from each other. These are the short five minute film from 1999 She and Her Cat and the recently released 4 episode mini series She and Her Cat Everything Flows.

tumblr_o3uaku6rju1ta0o05o1_540The original five minute ova is a sweet story of a young women finding a stray cat and bringing it home with her and the cat instantly falls in love with her. How do we know as the audience that this is the case you might ask? Well that is where the whimsy of these two stories comes into the play in both iterations of She and Her Cat, the story is not told by she but he the cat. We see the love and adoration of a pet who has been taken in from the cold but there is more to this short tale than this, we see a choice in love as well as a show of loyalty and contentment. This is a feeling of adoration that any pet owner has felt before from there pet, or at least this pet owner that being myself can relate to.

 Maybe I’m writing this review as an excuse to talk about my own experience with the unconditional love I feel for my own feline companion. I got him during a rebellious time in my youth and in all honesty now he is the only connection I have t that time in my life and the people from back then that if it was not for him I would much rather forget.

she-and-her-catMoments move as forward and can be forgotten so easily and yet as we form connections to these moments memories are born. Look at me getting all philosophical when I should be writing about this anime, I apologize for that. Though if you want me to write more reviews like this be sure to let me know. After all I don’t want to be like every other anime blog out there. In each review I try to put a small part of myself into the review to make the review less humdrum I suppose. I get bored easily you see when I read or watch reviews that follow the formula of talking about story, character, music, enjoyment then over all score. There is just something so sterile and boring about this to me, it is why I wanted to write something different.

Back on subject about She and Her Cat Everything Flows this new story of a cat and her owner tells the story of a girl out on her own for the first time and the cat she her mother bought her as a child. She did not like the cat at first but grew to love the feline just as he grew to love her. My own little companion has helped me myself through many a hard time and perhaps this is why this story resonates with one such as myself so easily. This short series is a small comfort for me in an otherwise crazy world at the moment. A moment for me to sit back and reflect and make new happy memories.


Might as well use this as an excuse to show off my little companion, meet Kane everyone!

3 thoughts on “She and Her Cat, Me and My Cat

  1. Aw, Kane is such an handsome cat! ❤
    I definitely need to watch this one, I had a kitty cat too, and she was the love of my life, so I'm really fond of stories with cats. Plus, like you said, Shinkai is different from other directors, and his movies and stories really are tender and emotionally impactful ;_;
    Definitely want to see more reviews like this! ^_^


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