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I am super late with this, but, about a week ago an indie game developer actually reached out to me on twitter about their new 18+ BL visual novel, Sentimental Trickster! As you all know I am a lover of all things BL, so best believe I was over the moon to hear about another indie BL […]

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I myself am not in a position to send money to support this project, but I hope I can help by sharing this!

Fanfiction Rec 3 – Roommates

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Upon my confession of being a fan of transformers yaoi, you all must have known that eventually, I would recommend a Transformers Yaoi Fanfiction! Now I could have gone with a fanfic involving my transformers OTP, that being G1 Starscream x Skyfire but I decided upon a more recent pairing from the Transformers More than Meets the Eye comics.

tf-i-love-youThe series even has a canon pairing (yes the transformers mtmte comic has a canon pairing, and it’s not there as a joke it’s a serious and heartbreaking relationship) with Chromedome and Rewind and though there are many fics surrounding this couple I just could not go past the adorable pairing of Cyclonus and Tailgate, dubbed by fans as Cygate, and I am perhaps throwing you the reader into the deep end of this pairings fans with the steamy fanfic Roommates by AnziPanzi.

With most fanfics for this pairing, they are often portrayed as the odd couple both being completely opposite to each other at the beginning of the story. Cyclonus is an ex-Decepticon with a temper, a strong moral code, and the silent brooding type. Tailgate, on the other hand, is a happy go lucky ‘Autobot’ who missed the war due to an accident and is trying to catch up with the time. In the comics, the two becoming bunkmates at the beginning of the story and a strange friendship begins to grow between the two. This, of course, has become fuel for the many shippers within the transformers fandom (and trust me we are here).

Roommates tell a story of sexual frustration and coming to terms with one’s feelings on both sides as well as a few very funny moments of teasing and awkwardness. Going into a transformers yaoi story for the first time there are a few terms that one should know so as not to get confused. Spike in when used in this kind of story means a transformers penis and not the human friend, valve or port is for either vagina or anus (gender is an interesting question that comes up in transformers fanfiction and it is never really specified which means there are cases of fanfics with female characters having spikes and male pregnancy) and lastly glossa means tongue.

Now hopefully that little bit of transformers sex ed has not scared you away, the transformers yaoi fandom is filled with many different kinds of stories and pairings and though hardcore yaoi in some scenes this sweet story is a good starting point if you are familiar with the More than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise comic universe.

What do you think of Transformers yaoi? Are you a fan of it or is it just a little too weird for you?

*if anyone knows the artist who is responsible for the feature image, let me know so I can give them credit

Life with Anxiety and Change

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This was probably not the kind of post you guys were expecting from me this week but this is something I have been wanting to write for a while and with the recent big changes happening right now for me, now was as good a time as any to get these cards on the table. First of all I know I set myself the schedule earlier this month but recent changes means I won’t be able to keep on top of it, as to why well I guess I need to talk about myself and mental illness to fully explain everything.


As a child I was a handful, big time. I lacked any focus what so ever as well as had a lot of anger. At age seven I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but you probably know it better as ADHD. I was medicated to help me focus and my parents also took strict control of my diet not allowing certain foods into the household due to them setting me off. I was on the medication for just under a decade before in high school I took myself off them because they were causing headaches and other problems for me.

During my time in school from year 4 onward’s I was bullied and isolated constantly by my peers for being different, which on top of the ADHD caused me to begin to suffer from anxiety and depression. The bullying I received ranged from students in my class refusing to work with me when the teacher would give us group assignments, students stealing my school supplies and either binning or hiding them to full on teasing on the playground and harassment during class whenever the teacher had their back turned.

In high school my anxiety and depression manifested itself into extreme bouts of anger and exploding in the middle of the class and shouting and screaming, this of course just caused me to get bullied more. I ended up leaving high school during the first term of year 11. I gave up on myself and my anxiety has steadily grown worse since then. I am now nearing my thirties and still suffer from anxiety, depression and ADHD.

To add to this I also suffer from severe back pain due to damage to my shoulders because for a time a had very large breasts. I’m now a DD after a reduction but still suffer from pain almost daily, this of course is why I have been looking for work for so long.

smokeRecently however it has been made clear to me that I may never be able to work full time due to the damage to my shoulders and back, this news of course has not helped my depression and I find myself probably smoking more than I should, I need to quit as it is a habit I cannot afford but it is one of the few things that helps calm me when I can feel an anxiety attack coming on.

Add to this one more piece of news. I still live at home with my parents and brother and the decision has been made for us to move. Our house is currently on the market and we are in the process of packing up our belongings. My mum and myself packed up my books, my collection of toys and part of my dvd collection today. People with ADHD like myself do not cope well with major change. Routine is something I need to keep myself grounded and at the moment that routine has been ripped from beneath my feet.

As I keep telling my mum ‘Logically I understand why we are moving and why these changes are happening, but on an emotional level I don’t know if I’m coping.’

My posts will most likely go back to being erratic until we have settled in our new home, but I still hope you can enjoy my blog as much as I am enjoying writing it. Also if you want to keep up to date with what I am working on feel free to follow me on twitter @mistressofyaoi

Sex Pistols – Yaoi Anime Review

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The first time I experienced disappointment (though perhaps that just isn’t strong enough a word for how to let down I was) in the genre of yaoi was a sad one for me because it just did not fail, it stumbled at the starting line and immediately alienated any chance of newcomers coming into what at its heart and in the source material is a sweet yet quirky unconventional love story.

Sex Pistols (Love Pistols to us readers outside of Japan) by Tarako Kotobuki is one of my absolute favorite mangas full stop lets just forget the genre and let that sink in. A fascinating premise that pulled me in within the first few pages, the manga series world building within the story uses a lot of tropes found within the yaoi genre, but it also expands upon many of the normal and not so normal ones, I mean how many yaoi stories out there in the yaoi genre bring up the subject of male pregnancy actually give a believable reason behind the phenomenon  and take an almost realistic approach to it and does not just turn it into a punchline?

Sex Pistols OVA 2 FreeThe anime however throws the viewer straight into the deep end of the story with no set up and gives us a comedic situation and punchline that fail to explain fully why the characters are even having this conversation, if anything the opening scene of ep one has the feeling of walking in midway on someone else’s conversation and immediately alienates the viewer if they have not read the manga beforehand and know why this conversation is taking place and though the situation itself is amusing as you have a cute male high school student in a skirt talking to two hot brothers, all you are really getting from this scene is fan service if you have a thing for cross-dressing. (popular with yaoi fans yes, but not everyone’s cup of tea)

 What is not fully explained in this opening scene that really should be is the existence in this world of zooman and what exactly they are. In this universe, some humans are descendants of monkeys and a small percentage are not. Unfortunately, this small percentage can have not only their own health problems different from other humans but also breed differently from other humans. Not as fertile as other humans they are encouraged to breed when young so relationships with multiple partners are not uncommon.

sex_pistols_ch1_00Bring in the boy in the skirt in this opening scene Norio, he is a rare breed of zooman known as a returner to ancestry, this means he is very fertile and can breed very easily but also means every zooman will want him. He needs the help of the two brothers to help protect himself from being raped as several attempts by both genders has happened already (this is never really explained in the anime).

What follows is a tale where Norio learns what it is to be a zooman, he see’s the society they have created from an outsiders point of view. The anime attempts to tell the first three stories of the series in its two-episode run. Norio discovering his heritage and what he really is, the older brothers own sexual confusion and the impregnation of Norio’s best friend with a stranger from overseas.

All these stories are fascinating within the manga, but in the anime felt beyond rushed and the only story that really feels fully explained is Norio’s sempai’s story and even that is rushed, the series also seems to not be able to decide who the main character of the story is. With a series like Baccano or Durarara this kind of storytelling intrigues and works but here it is a mess.

This is one yaoi anime I have to say read the manga over watching the anime and once you have read the first two volumes then you can follow the anime easily enough. As a stand-alone adaptation is a sad fail big time and it really did not need to be.


My Pokemon Gym Tag – The Hidden Dark Type Gym


pokemon_trainer_red_by_chaosman24-d31uqvyI want to thank Two Happy Cats for tagging me in this fun little Pokemon tag going around, which has given me the chance to share my unorthodox idea for a hidden gym available only to trainers upon defeating the elite four. Perhaps a bit presumptuous I’m sure but I’ve been inspired with this idea ever since the second generation with the battle with Red on Mt. Silver and I was always disappointment with later games not giving us a similar challenge. (though recent games have given us post game content such as the Delta Episode it still is not quite the same)

The Dark Type Gym

tumblr_mkux5fpv8l1ryl1tto1_500There has been many a theory within the Pokemon community as to why there has never been a dark type gym within the main series games. The most popular which seems to be the theory that a gym leader is a pillar of the community and inspiration to those around them. Dark type Pokemon are seen as sneaky and opportunistic ideals that no one would want to look up to. For me I always thought of this as a stereotypical misunderstanding of something that just was not the same as everything else.

A perfect example of this comes within the Pokedex entries for Absol, the disaster Pokemon thought by many to bring disaster when really this Pokemon was trying to warn humans of upcoming disasters.

Gym Design

Upon defeating the Elite Four and the Champion in the region the trainer would be given the co-ordinates of a mountain not found on the regions map and access to a tunnel that will lead to the base of the mountain, perhaps said tunnel would be found somewhere within the Elite four base.

Upon reaching the bottom of the mountain the trainer would be greeted by a Shiny Umbreon who would not let the trainer pass without proof of their defeat from the Elite Four, upon seeing the proof the Umbreon would lead the trainer through a mountain path where they would pass many high level pokemon who would watch as the trainer passes but never approach, these would be pokemon like Metagross, Hydreigon, Pidgeot and so on. They would eventually come to a door hidden in the mountain and upon the Umbreon’s eyes and spots glowing the door would open and the trainer would be greeted by an Absol who would lead the trainer and the Umbreon to a room with high ceilings in a Medieval castle style decor with statues of various pokemon throughout the halls notable ones being a Darkrei statue in the main entrance and a Giratina statue seemingly floating in the air above a sitting area with a fireplace and seating. The whole place would have a mysterious yet calming vibe about it with a hint of darkness.

This is where the challenger would wait for the leader and upon the apparenace of the leader the floor of the room would lower like an elevator to a field below them lit by candles.

Gym Leader Quote, Design and Team

“Without darkness the light would never shine, let me show you the other side of the light trainer!”

The gym leader would be a mature woman but not old with long white hair tied in a loose ponytail and striking blue eyes. She would wear a gothic lolita style black dress with a red scarf and red highlights in the dress and a pair of knee high high heeled boots. (think a female gejinki of darkrei).

A team of six high level dark type pokemon would be as followed…

Level 75 Shiftry


Level 77 Umbreon


Level 79 Houndoom


Level 79 Hydreigon


Level 80 Darkrei


Level 85 Spiritomb


So that is my gym idea, I hope fellow Pokemon fans like this, as to who I am tagging. Anyone who views this and wants to do it I say do they tag!

My life as a Yaoi Fangirl – Busted Mum Knows my Hobby!

random musing, yaoi

My mother discovering my yaoi hobby involves of all things, the Sensitive Pornograph manga. (yeah you know this is going to be a good story).

It all goes back to my first job, which of course was in fast food. My first job was at KFC and I must admit out of all the jobs I have had over the years, it was the job I enjoyed the most. Maybe it’s nostalgia for that first taste of freedom of being in the working world, I really don’t know but I know I loved my job… until I had to quit that is, but that is not the story I am telling today with this post.

I was new to the yaoi fandom back then and sadly back then the few local and not so local places that sold manga back then, very rarely got yaoi titles in. So I turned to the internet and online sites to buy my yaoi manga from. I would spend so much of my pay back then on taking myself out for meals, going to book stores and buying yaoi manga online.

Every couple of weeks packages would arrive at our front door filled with books and as soon as I got a hold of them I would run to my room, rip them open and by the next morning most times I would be done reading the latest addition to my growing collection. The only time this was not the case was when my copies of Ai no Kusabi arrived because they are light novels not manga and take a little longer for me to read.

This had been going on for months as I had been working and then one day, I was home when the postman delivered my latest purchase. This had been a larger than usual purchase as there had been a sale on the site I was using. Not completely thinking at the time I opened the parcel in the lounge room where my mum was sitting at the time. Most of what I had bought was tame, except one title that had arrived with extra wrapping.

Sensitive_PornographThis caught my mum’s curiosity as I was unpacking the other manga and she unwrapped the manga, said manga was Sensitive Pornograph. She opened the manga to a random page and made an ‘oh…ok’ statement. I looked up and saw what she had opened, it was on the climax page of the ‘Trophies only belong in the Bedroom’ story.

At the time I think I was more embarrassed than my mum because after that she said nothing.  What came of it was a conversation with my mum about my hobby and her acceptance of it because at the end of the day, it wasn’t something dangerous.

I lucked out I suppose because my hobby was not fall blown till I was over the age of 18. Sharing your hobby with you parents can be awkward. To this day my father still does not completely know, but that is more because he does not care what I do as long as I don’t hurt others or myself and not fear of hate from him because of it.

Acceptance won’t always come for our hobbies as I stated in My Life as a Yaoi Fangirl – Dealing with Misconceptions and Hate, and this will include from families for many different reasons. Though I don;t have anything to say about justifying the hobby if you are under age because well the law is the law when it comes to what is classified as 18+ material, enjoying what you enjoy is not what makes you you, you are. A hobby is just a part of you.

Sweet and not so Innocent – Sensitive Pornograph

anime, yaoi

35d8231052b85448580b4fd3558108dfDefinitely not innocent, my fellow yaoi lovers. The title of this favorite within the yaoi community is just so perfect for the manga that is a collection of short yaoi stories and the one episode anime OVA. A mix of sensitive and sweet stories with a pornographic twist, but it is more in an erotic way than a sleazy way that can across in a lot of hentai titles. Let me just say this before continuing this review, I have yet to meet a yaoi fan that does not love this title. Sure fans will argue over things like Okane Ga Nai, Loveless and of course Boku no pico for its content; but this title right here we can all agree on within the yaoi fandom.

9784757523296_1The Sensitive Pornograph manga is an anthology collection of six erotic yaoi short stories by the author Ashika Sakura who is also known within the manga community by another pen name of Sakurako Gokurakuin. Throughout her career, she has authored many yaoi and shotacon mangas such as Anatadake Ga Suki (You are My One and Only), Kusuriyubi ni Himitsu no Koi (Secret Love on the Ringfinger) and Sekai no Owari ga Furu Yoru ni. She has also authored non-yaoi titled such as Juvenile Orion and Sekirei (the second of which was a surprise to me when I looked into the author).

Her character designs in all her work have both innocents and erotica about them, something that can be hard to pull off as at times too much, either way, can turn certain readers off. With their round faces and big bright eyes, Ashika’s characters draw you into there world.


Mistress does not approve of pet abuse!

The manga Sensitive Pornograph was released in 2003 in Japan and honestly has aged well over the years, the stories within are still adorable, engaging and of course erotic. The 2004 anime adaptation, well the years have not been as kind. Brought to us by the production company Phoenix Entertainment who was behind other yaoi releases such as the unfinished Legend of Blue Wolves (I outright refuse to call the anime by the official English release title) and Close the Last Door anime adaptations as well as a few hentai titles.

Close up scenes of the characters in Sensitive Pornograph look beautiful but the further away from the shot the characters the detail is lost and the proportions of characters begin to go off in minor ways that can be distracting to a veteran anime watcher, the only time this does not become a problem is during the ‘yaoi’ scenes.

Sensitive Pornograph has grown as something dear to the yaoi community and it is not hard to see why, seen by many as a right of passage to becoming a yaoi fan and a title I recommend to watch the anime and read the lovely manga as well and remember my readers this is one of the very few uncensored yaoi anime out there (the other being Legend of Blue Wolves).




Fanfiction Rec 2: Of Broken Steel

fanfiction, yaoi

220px-batman-the_killing_joke_filmSometimes it takes one person’s madness to save us from our own insanity, but if that is the case which is truly insane? This was the thought that came to my mind upon finishing the Batman X Joker fanfiction Of Broken Steel by The Adorable Joker, (love that username, I must admit) and with me excited about the upcoming release of the animated adaption of The Killing Joke later this month I thought it might be time to shine some light on one of my favorite dysfunctional pairings.

When Joker escapes from Arkham only to disappear and not course any trouble, Bruce finds himself in a strange predicament when he finds the Clown Prince of Crime bleeding and feverish in an alleyway. His own moral compass dictates that he cannot just leave his arch nemesis there to die in the gutter so he does the only thing he can think of and takes the Joker home as if he were an injured stray.

What follows is a heart-wrenching tale that will leave even the most veteran of Batman fans actually feeling pity and sympathy for the Joker, a sign of brilliant writing on the author’s part. Now I will admit as much as I am a fan of this pairing there are not that many fanfics of the two out there that I can say I am a fan of, let me explain myself.

26082099-368-k278321Many writers like to play up the Joker’s insanity along with losing his grip on reality which most of the time ends up in a story of obsession over ol’Batsey with the outcome of a messy noncon story that is that and nothing more. I’m not saying that rape in a story is a bad thing I’m just saying that, I myself cannot find enjoyment in a story if the end goal of a PWP (porn without plot) is a rape scene and more often than not with this pairing snuff and nothing more. When a scene like this is used as a story device instead of an end goal what you can end up with is a powerful story of overcoming the most brutal of physical and mental attacks because rape is not about sex it is about power.

Joker is a fascinating character to read and watch for many fans of the Batman franchise and it is not hard to see why. He is a character that balances on the knife’s edge of sanity and insanity and it is a balancing act that is never perfect and he always ends up cut on that edge. Joker represents a darker part of all us, a part of us that we all hold back because of our own sanity, he represents us without that moral compass, our own bestial desires if you will act on emotion and emotion alone without the thought of consequences and to relish in the insanity of the moment.

84b48f524c42a4e5a553bdd1a4a7e51dIn Of Broken Steel, however, another side of Joker is explored one that I feel perhaps does not explored enough, the frightening side of one’s own insanity and what happens when that unstoppable force of insanity meets an immovable force. The Unstoppable Force paradox is a perfect description of that which is Batman and Joker, but the immovable force that is Batman shifts in this story when he finds out what has happened to Joker.

Now, of course, I would not be recommending this story here if there was not a touch of the good old yaoi stuff in this fic and I will say the pairing of the two has a natural feeling of progression throughout the story with both characters staying in character with natural growth given the circumstances of the story.

What’s your favorite Batman X Joker fanfiction or do you perhaps prefer another pairing in the Batman and/or DC universe?

*All fanart featured in this Review is by the very talented Yayoi Neko

The Time of the Fujoshi is Now!

anime, yaoi

If the latest news from Anime News Network is anything to go by we are living in a time where it is great to be a fujoshi. Let me explain why to those new to the yaoi fandom.

Not too long ago we were lucky to get a new yaoi OVA every couple of years and over the last few years there has been a definite rise in the boys love and yaoi being released in the anime format. Over the last few years there has been a rise in mainstream releases of boys love titles on TV in japan and full series being released and this is awesome!

78606Not to mention with the release of Doukyuusei (A movie that is on my list ‘to be reviewed so don’t worry my yaoi loving readers) in cinemas in Japan earlier this year and with how popular the run was, I hope this is a trend that continues into the future for all us yaoi lovers!

Also I must apologize my readers for such a short post today, I’ve sadly caught my mum’s cold which I’m pretty sure she brought home from work. Also don’t forget to keep an eye on this blog this Friday for my next Fanfiction Rec which hit’s it mark with my own excitement for an upcoming movie release later this month!

It’s Official I’ve Decided on a Blog Schedule

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Up until now my posts on this blog have been fairly sporadic at best, so I’ve decided to give myself and this blog a schedule and it will be as followed starting this coming Friday

  • Sunday  Anime / Yaoi Review – Pretty self explanatory
  • Wednesday Random Musings – This will be when I will post something like a first reactions or a comment or piece on something that is not exactly a review
  • Friday  Fanfiction Recommendations – I’ve got quite a few of these to share  and look forward to sharing something I am so passionate about with  my fellow yaoi lovers and for the time being they will all be yaoi Fanfiction.

Also please note that these will not be the only days posts will come out, if I find something worth sharing here on WordPress those will be shared when I find them and also any news within the yaoi community as a whole I feel a need to comment on will also be posted on various days.


What do you guys think of Yaoi Playground having a release schedule will it make it easier for you guys to keep up with everything I post?