July Update and Plans

 Well  June was not as a busy as I had hoped it would be due to my health, got sick twice last month! (I probably have not been eating enough good stuff lately to be honest, need to get back on track with eating right) upcoming this month I’m hoping to make more yaoi related posts seeing as this is Yaoi Playground.

This month you guys can look forward to my long awaited review of the first season of Super Lovers! As well as the final two parts to my Ai no Kusabi review which has been a joy to work on. I know however that I can not just do positive reviews of yaoi anime so there will also be another yaoi review of an anime this coming month which sadly for me was a big disappointment.

I have also been working on the next chapter of my transformers fanfiction ‘Still Alive’  which has either been updated by the time this is posted or will be posted within a couple of days of this post (well hopefully at least). I did say during my A Brief History of Fanfiction post that I am a fanfic lover and writer so I’ve also been thinking of maybe once a month writing a post with fanfiction recommendations. If anyone is interested in this or perhaps know of a fanfic worth sharing why not let me know in the comment section below.

So let’s aim for a Yaoitastic month this July and wish me luck everyone as I continue to look for full time work!


One thought on “July Update and Plans

  1. I’m looking forward to all your posts and I’m glad you’re feeling better, feeling sick is the worst ;_; /sends hugs


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