Fanfiction Rec 1 – I Remember You

The pairing of Seto Kaiba and Joey also known as Puppyshipping was my very first favorite slash pairing within a series, in other words, it was my first OTP. (I highly recommend the video linked to OTP if you are unsure of the term as Shippers Guide to the Galaxy does a brilliant job of explaining the term as well as a few other fandom concepts)

backtobackThe originally aired 4kids dub was my introduction to the world of Yugioh back in my high school days and it is a series that I go back and watch now and then and now thanks to Crunchyroll I’ve finally had a chance to begin watching the series subbed which is like going into a world I already know with a new perspective not to mention the plot holes are not as obvious.

Being a Yu-Gi-Oh fan and Puppyshipping fan for so long, over the years I have read countless fanfictions for the series. From long-running epics that ran longer than most novels that created their owns world to pornographic or fluffy one-shots and everything in between. This is most definitely true when it comes to my OTP for the series Puppyshipping.

The reason why I have been a fan of this pairing is that no matter how different Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba appear in the series when you look closer you can see little similarities in the characters that if it wasn’t for the fact and we know both characters would never admit it, how similar their personalities really are.

Joey-x-Seto-puppyshipping-20461612-341-475Kuzai’s fanfiction I Remember You takes a different path in bringing this pairing together with a return to ancient Egypt with Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Tea thanks to a curse left behind by Yami Bakura. Now you might be wondering how this can be a Puppyshipping story if Kaiba does not join the main cast on their adventure.

This is a Puppyshipping fic that blends in with a less popular pairing of the series known as Eternityshipping, this is the pairing of the High Priest Set from the ancient Egypt storyline with our beloved Joey Wheeler. This is all I really want to say about the plot of this fanfiction because to go into any more detail would, in my opinion, ruin the surprise ending of the story that is just so sweet and tender.

What was one of the first anime you started pairing characters in and do you have a favorite pairing in Yugioh? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Fanfiction Rec 1 – I Remember You

  1. For me, my first OTP was Tezuka Kunimutsu and Echizen Ryouma from Tennis no Oujisama, and that was when I was just 13 (I’m in my early 20’s now). I’ve had a lot of OTPs from a lot of other animes since then. This is the first time I’ve read about puppyshipping though, maybe because I’m not that engrossed with Yugioh. I did ship Y’amiYugi and Kaiba or just plain Yugi and Kaiba.


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