Lost it Laughing, Fudanshi koko Seikatsu First Impression

So I watched the first episode of Fudanshi koko Seikatsu last night and I have to say an anime has not made me laugh so hard in such a long time and I have to say this is definitely a series I can already recommend to any yaoi fan, whether they are male or female.

What I found most hilarious however, was how much Sakaguchi reminded me of myself in my late teens, early twenties. When he bought the BL manga at the store I was reminded of myself when I first started buying my yaoi mangas in a store where people I knew work, I understood that feeling of the strange looks from the cashier.

Then there was the justifying his love for BL to his friend and explain how liking BL does not make him gay reminded me of times in my past where I had to explain to my friends that reading yaoi does not make me a pervert.

I will be looking forward to the new eps of this every week that is for sure!l

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3 thoughts on “Lost it Laughing, Fudanshi koko Seikatsu First Impression

  1. I quite liked this episode but don’t know if this is going to wrok for me as a series (unless they have a whole lot of other material to cover it really could become a one joke repeat series). Still, I am going to check out the next episode. Thanks for sharing.

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