It’s Official I’ve Decided on a Blog Schedule


Up until now my posts on this blog have been fairly sporadic at best, so I’ve decided to give myself and this blog a schedule and it will be as followed starting this coming Friday

  • Sunday  Anime / Yaoi Review – Pretty self explanatory
  • Wednesday Random Musings – This will be when I will post something like a first reactions or a comment or piece on something that is not exactly a review
  • Friday  Fanfiction Recommendations – I’ve got quite a few of these to share  and look forward to sharing something I am so passionate about with  my fellow yaoi lovers and for the time being they will all be yaoi Fanfiction.

Also please note that these will not be the only days posts will come out, if I find something worth sharing here on WordPress those will be shared when I find them and also any news within the yaoi community as a whole I feel a need to comment on will also be posted on various days.


What do you guys think of Yaoi Playground having a release schedule will it make it easier for you guys to keep up with everything I post?


6 thoughts on “It’s Official I’ve Decided on a Blog Schedule

    • I have quite a large backlog of stuff to post if I am completely honest, though none of it is completely finish. I carry around a notebook and jot down ideas nearly every day so there is definately no lack of stuff for me to work on. Giving myself a schedule is my own way of giving myself goals to work towards and keep focused on one task at the time, which can be difficult for me because of how my brain works

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