The Time of the Fujoshi is Now!

If the latest news from Anime News Network is anything to go by we are living in a time where it is great to be a fujoshi. Let me explain why to those new to the yaoi fandom.

Not too long ago we were lucky to get a new yaoi OVA every couple of years and over the last few years there has been a definite rise in the boys love and yaoi being released in the anime format. Over the last few years there has been a rise in mainstream releases of boys love titles on TV in japan and full series being released and this is awesome!

78606Not to mention with the release of Doukyuusei (A movie that is on my list ‘to be reviewed so don’t worry my yaoi loving readers) in cinemas in Japan earlier this year and with how popular the run was, I hope this is a trend that continues into the future for all us yaoi lovers!

Also I must apologize my readers for such a short post today, I’ve sadly caught my mum’s cold which I’m pretty sure she brought home from work. Also don’t forget to keep an eye on this blog this Friday for my next Fanfiction Rec which hit’s it mark with my own excitement for an upcoming movie release later this month!


3 thoughts on “The Time of the Fujoshi is Now!

  1. Yay looking forward to your review on Doukyuusei 🙂 Also hope you feel better soon, I’m just starting to get over the cold my dad passed on to me, which he got from my grandfather. It’s almost like a family heirloom at this stage >_<!

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