Sweet and not so Innocent – Sensitive Pornograph

35d8231052b85448580b4fd3558108dfDefinitely not innocent, my fellow yaoi lovers. The title of this favorite within the yaoi community is just so perfect for the manga that is a collection of short yaoi stories and the one episode anime OVA. A mix of sensitive and sweet stories with a pornographic twist, but it is more in an erotic way than a sleazy way that can across in a lot of hentai titles. Let me just say this before continuing this review, I have yet to meet a yaoi fan that does not love this title. Sure fans will argue over things like Okane Ga Nai, Loveless and of course Boku no pico for its content; but this title right here we can all agree on within the yaoi fandom.

9784757523296_1The Sensitive Pornograph manga is an anthology collection of six erotic yaoi short stories by the author Ashika Sakura who is also known within the manga community by another pen name of Sakurako Gokurakuin. Throughout her career, she has authored many yaoi and shotacon mangas such as Anatadake Ga Suki (You are My One and Only), Kusuriyubi ni Himitsu no Koi (Secret Love on the Ringfinger) and Sekai no Owari ga Furu Yoru ni. She has also authored non-yaoi titled such as Juvenile Orion and Sekirei (the second of which was a surprise to me when I looked into the author).

Her character designs in all her work have both innocents and erotica about them, something that can be hard to pull off as at times too much, either way, can turn certain readers off. With their round faces and big bright eyes, Ashika’s characters draw you into there world.


Mistress does not approve of pet abuse!

The manga Sensitive Pornograph was released in 2003 in Japan and honestly has aged well over the years, the stories within are still adorable, engaging and of course erotic. The 2004 anime adaptation, well the years have not been as kind. Brought to us by the production company Phoenix Entertainment who was behind other yaoi releases such as the unfinished Legend of Blue Wolves (I outright refuse to call the anime by the official English release title) and Close the Last Door anime adaptations as well as a few hentai titles.

Close up scenes of the characters in Sensitive Pornograph look beautiful but the further away from the shot the characters the detail is lost and the proportions of characters begin to go off in minor ways that can be distracting to a veteran anime watcher, the only time this does not become a problem is during the ‘yaoi’ scenes.

Sensitive Pornograph has grown as something dear to the yaoi community and it is not hard to see why, seen by many as a right of passage to becoming a yaoi fan and a title I recommend to watch the anime and read the lovely manga as well and remember my readers this is one of the very few uncensored yaoi anime out there (the other being Legend of Blue Wolves).





4 thoughts on “Sweet and not so Innocent – Sensitive Pornograph

  1. I actually don’t remember if I’ve read the manga, tho I did indeed watch the OVA. More quality BL needs to be aired and done, because the genre is still vastly underused. There’s so many good titles that deserve adaptations aaaah ;_;
    I’ll admit to not like rape-y porno myself, for various reasons, so I don’t much enjoy when the relationship starts with and then “oh he loves me so it’s okay” happens. I prefer to to be dwelt seriously.
    I don’t know why Loveless would be talked about in that regard, their relationship is not sexual, nor has it ever been. It will be when Ritsuka is of age *_*
    But I digress, Sensitive Pornograph is definitely a nice one too watch ❤

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