Fanfiction Rec 3 – Roommates

Upon my confession of being a fan of transformers yaoi, you all must have known that eventually, I would recommend a Transformers Yaoi Fanfiction! Now I could have gone with a fanfic involving my transformers OTP, that being G1 Starscream x Skyfire but I decided upon a more recent pairing from the Transformers More than Meets the Eye comics.

tf-i-love-youThe series even has a canon pairing (yes the transformers mtmte comic has a canon pairing, and it’s not there as a joke it’s a serious and heartbreaking relationship) with Chromedome and Rewind and though there are many fics surrounding this couple I just could not go past the adorable pairing of Cyclonus and Tailgate, dubbed by fans as Cygate, and I am perhaps throwing you the reader into the deep end of this pairings fans with the steamy fanfic Roommates by AnziPanzi.

With most fanfics for this pairing, they are often portrayed as the odd couple both being completely opposite to each other at the beginning of the story. Cyclonus is an ex-Decepticon with a temper, a strong moral code, and the silent brooding type. Tailgate, on the other hand, is a happy go lucky ‘Autobot’ who missed the war due to an accident and is trying to catch up with the time. In the comics, the two becoming bunkmates at the beginning of the story and a strange friendship begins to grow between the two. This, of course, has become fuel for the many shippers within the transformers fandom (and trust me we are here).

Roommates tell a story of sexual frustration and coming to terms with one’s feelings on both sides as well as a few very funny moments of teasing and awkwardness. Going into a transformers yaoi story for the first time there are a few terms that one should know so as not to get confused. Spike in when used in this kind of story means a transformers penis and not the human friend, valve or port is for either vagina or anus (gender is an interesting question that comes up in transformers fanfiction and it is never really specified which means there are cases of fanfics with female characters having spikes and male pregnancy) and lastly glossa means tongue.

Now hopefully that little bit of transformers sex ed has not scared you away, the transformers yaoi fandom is filled with many different kinds of stories and pairings and though hardcore yaoi in some scenes this sweet story is a good starting point if you are familiar with the More than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise comic universe.

What do you think of Transformers yaoi? Are you a fan of it or is it just a little too weird for you?

*if anyone knows the artist who is responsible for the feature image, let me know so I can give them credit

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