30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1 First anime you ever watched

30 day anime challenge

I did  not know I was watching anime at the time, like many nineties kids but I do believe my first anime was watching Sailor Moon on Fox Kids when we first got Galaxy (a cable tv company that would later be taken over by Foxtel here).

At first the only kids channel we had was Nickelodeon which was pretty cool but I loved Fox Kids when it started airing. All the action cartoons like Transformers Beast Wars, X-men, Spiderman and Sailor Moon to name a few shows.

I instantly fell in love with Sailor Moon because at the time I had never seen an action show were the main cast was all female and I thought that was just awesome. After Sailorr Moon for me came Pokemon and Digimon within a month of each other and then the show that I obsessed over as a teenager Dragonball Z!

There were three shows I loved as a teenager, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing and anything Transformers but especially Transformers Armada (which technically counts as an anime!). I also remember watching Orphan, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Trigun on Adult Swim as I got older as well as getting a chance to see Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 on a local station called SBS on Friday nights.

After that came Serial Experiment Lain and it was at that point I realized yep I’m an anime fan!

3 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1 First anime you ever watched

  1. OH! You started the challenge. Good for you & good luck. Sailor Moon, eh? This was also one of the staples of my childhood. I honestly can’t remember the very first anime I watched, so I’m just guessing it was Dragon Ball or Yu Yu Hakusho. Anyway, have fun with thi!s challenge. Cheers

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  2. Good luck for the challenge! (≧∇≦)/
    We watched a lot of the same shows, tho I’ve seen since young dragon ball and sailor moon at the same time~


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