30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5 Anime your Ashamed you Enjoyed

Well every anime fan has a few skeletons in the closet to say the very least, after all there is a lot oh weird stuff found within anime. That being said I suppose I should talk about the elephant in the room, the feature image of this post.

ab4e94505ea13232bc8b81399e04de4ba3f5360a_hqI watched the first Boku no Pico anime out of curiosity more than anything and upon watching it… I did not find it as bad as most people saw it. Upon this realization I ended up on many different anime and yaoi forums that were talking about the series and even ended up in a community of fans of the OVA, which is where I ended up meeting a person who would become a long term friend for me in the anime community. Because of this I ended up watching the other two episodes as well and the third one Pico x CoCo X Chico has one of my favorite anime openings, in fact I ended up liking a lot of the music from the three OVA’s and ended up tracking down a copy of the soundtrack.

To those out there that are against the anime simply because of the shota element I must ask how many hentai titles have you watched with lolis?


One thought on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5 Anime your Ashamed you Enjoyed

  1. I’ll admit to watching the first two episodes because I got intrigued by it (there wasn’t much BL around either) and tbh, I felt the series got better once the adult disappeared and they started having sex between them/their age, instead of with adults~
    Pico is hardly the worst series I’ve watched/read, but people tend to exaggerate (^_^;)


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