Fanfiction Rec 4: Walking the Plank


When it comes to Snarry or Harry Potter Fanart in General I just cannot go past the gorgeous work done by Yukipon!

I honestly never thought I would get the chance to read a new official Harry Potter story again after reading Deathly Hollows (which had me crying like a baby) but now with the release of ‘The Cursed Child’ as a book, I cannot wait to enter the magical world again. I have not read anything into the play or the book itself because I want to go in spoiler free once I get a hold of the book but to celebrate more Harry Potter this week’s Fanfictions Rec is something a little different. It’s a whole community and not just one fic!

don__t_cry_by_yukipon1Walking the Plank is an awesome online community dedicated to the ship of Snarry! When I was younger I must admit I was more of a fan of the pairing of Drarry (Draco x Harry) but as the books continued on I found myself liking the character of Draco Malfoy less and less, but my love for Snape continued!

As I continued reading the Harry Potter books and re-reading them as I grew older the character of Snape became more and more sympathetic and I became drawn into the Snarry fandom. It was at this point that I discovered the Walking the Plank community dedicated to the ship of Snape / Harry.

What lies within the pages there in this website is many a wonder for fans of the ship with various different genres of fanfic, I myself am partial to the time travel fics that has Harry going back to the past when his parents were at Hogwarts. There are fluffy happy fics to some very grimdark hurt/comfort style stories and everything in between.

There are challenges for writers to take part in as well as a forum for fans to discuss what they love about the pairing and other subjects as well.

Are you willing to walk the plank for Snarry or do you prefer another pairing from the Harry Potter fandom?

3 thoughts on “Fanfiction Rec 4: Walking the Plank

  1. Oddly as it is, I didn’t grow up with HP, I read it when it finished (since I don’t like ongoing series) but never gone so down the madness I entered into the fan fiction realm for it. I do admit while reading I felt like Harry and Draco should fuck and deal with the sexual tension, but never went beyond that. Now I’m wondering what is out there 😛


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