30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 11 Favorite Mech Anime

Gomenasai my readers for falling behind, but  I have some awesome news last Sunday my mother, my little sister who doesn’t live at home anymore and myself went to visit a lovely country town where my mother, my father, my little brother and myself are moving to to look at a house we were interested in then on Wednesday we put an offer in when the real estate agent came to visit us and the owner accepted!!! The new house is smaller than my current home but my bedroom is going to be a little bigger. This means I’ll finally have a proper desk in my room and won’t be sitting in bed when writing and can sit at a desk again yay!

Anyway onto today’s promp or I suppose yesterday since I fell behind but I’m not going to panic, my favorite mech anime. This was one that had a lot of choices for me because in my late teens I was watching a lot of mech shows as well as being fully in depth with my transformers obsessions. Of course a transformers show would not exactly count I suppose because even though a series like Armada is an anime I have seen many other mech shows that I have enjoyed and it would be nice to talk about something not transformers yet at this time.

howtoanimegundamwguysfullfiguresMy choice then came down to three shows. Big O which I adored but have not watched in ages so I’m not entirely sure if it still holds up for me so that one was out. So then it came down to Gundam Wing and Zoids New Century. I have fond memories of watching both shows on Toonami as a teenager and of course I have a love of the yaoi fandom surrounding the Gundam franchise especially Gundam Wing, let’s face it a lot of the official artwork for the series pretty much encourages it from the fanbase.

However I had to go with Zoids Chaotic Centuary for this one. The animal based mecha were and still are cool, Liger Zero had a personality that reminded me of an untamed puppy and the characters were amusing. The comedy brought to the series with the side characters was always fun and memorable were as I found a lot of the side characters though interesting for the world they were in in Gundam Wing just seem to blend into one another and a lot of them lacked a certain character flair that Zoids had. I don’t see a lot of people talking about Zoids now or back when I was watching it either so that is also why I wanted to bring it up here. Plus there is also the fact I have done Gundam model kits over the years and still have not had a chance to work on any Zoids ones. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to go back to doing model kits and do a Zoids kit!


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