30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 14 Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it

So is any one sick of me writing about Serial Experiments Lain yet?

Serial Experiment Lain is a series that is so dense in its narrative that every time I watch the series I come away with something new. As we grow our ideas of self constantly change as we are constantly learning from the world around us. When I first watched Lain as a teenager I hardly ever used the internet, if anything I did not use to the internet on a regular basis until my early twenties. I had my books and video games and that is all I needed.

giphySo the whole idea of the wired or internet and reality being different was how I thought, now a days however I find myself nearly constantly connected to the internet either through my phone, laptop or game system. My connection to the internet is a connection to a social life I honestly do not have much of offline as well as the connection to my long distance relationship, but perhaps I am getting off subject here.

Lain fascinates not only me but many on the internet which is quite a feet when you remember this is a series that came out in the late 90’s and has had no remakes or sequels since then. There are websites such as Thought Experiments Lain and even dedicated Reddit threads dedicate themselves to discussing that which is Lain (though it has been a couple of years since the website was updated it is still an interesting read for those interested in entering the rabbit hole that is Lain)

If it is an audio visual analysis and breakdown or just a video review of the series you want to watch to see if you would be interested in Lain there are plenty of well thought out and intriguing videos that can be found on the series. If you want to delve deeper after watching the series at least once yourself however and perhaps get a different perspective on what you have viewed you cannot go past a series of videos on youtube simply titled ‘First Serial Experiment’  by the anime as well as many other subject analyzer Digibro, who I came across when he was known as Digibrony in the mlp community.


One thought on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 14 Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it

  1. I watched as a teenager too, but never went down those rabbit holes. Now I know what to do: rewatch Lain and then read those to better understand WTH I saw and what I meant. Thanks for sharing! (≧∇≦)/


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