30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 16 Anime with Best Animation

Damn this is a hard one as I kind of want to avoid using an anime movie because then I would go with ‘Garden of Words’ for how gorgeous it looks, but perhaps that would be too easy so I thought I would just write about anime with animation I like.

Liger_zero (1)The spell battles in ‘Loveless’ are beautiful and delicate in their animation and draw you into not only the action of the battles but also the emotions and stakes of the fight even if they can come across as confusing. I mean even if you don’t quite understand what is going on in each battle you can definitely pick up on the emotional turmoil and confusion going through Ritsuka with each fight with the use of subtle body language and that same use of body language executes the power that is Agatsuma Soubi.

imagesIt was the beautiful and mysterious close up shot of the opening eye and then sudden pan out of Priss in the opening of of Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 that was the catalyst that drew me to the series late one night when channel surfing that began my love of cyberpunk anime.

As I  was beginning to tire of the sports genre of anime it was the unique art style and fluid animation of Ping Pong that drew me back into the genre that I have continued to love. Anime and animation in general is just so broad and beautiful in it’s own way there is just no way I can pick a best.


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