30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 17 Favorite supporting male character

61dc3333ccaa2d97852440884b9751e8This one was a hard choice for me, I could have gone with Hiro from Gravitation or Kowaru Nagisa from Evangelion but in the end I had to go with Joey Wheeler. Maybe the fact I am a die hard puppyshipper came into play with my choice, but if I’m completely honest I was a fan of Joey’s character before I was shipping him with one Seto Kaiba.

In the series Joey is one of Yugi’s best friends and also one of his first real friends. A flashback to their first meeting however showed that it did not always start this way. Joey was a bully to Yugi alongside Tristan when they first met, but when a bigger bully picked on him and Tristan Yugi stood up for them and Joey got to see what an amazing person yugi really was.

hqdefault1Throughout the series we also see that Joey has not had an easy life, being separated from his little sister at an early age and worrying about her health. Joey is the kind of character that will hide his worries from his friends with a smile and puts his friends first whenever he can, but with his ongoing rivalry with Seto throughout the series we also see that though Joey might not have much he is proud of what he does have and will defend what he loves.

This for me and many others was the catalyst that began the journey into and love for the ship of puppyshipping because when you step back and look at the pair they have a lot in common.


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