Upcoming Hiatus and plans while I’m away

The time for my upcoming hiatus is drawing closer everyday. For those followers who do not know my family is in the middle of moving from the suburbs of Perth to a little country town down south. As such in the next couple of weeks our home net will be going down and won’t be back up till after we move and are settled into our new home.

As such because I don’t have anything backed up to post while I will be gone there might not be any new posts next month. I will also be using the time away from the net to work on the upcoming chapters of my fanfiction which can have the best version found here.

tumblr_mhka3pyzdn1rwfueeo1_1396028671_coverIn my time away my hope is to get at least five new chapters typed up and I look forward to continuing Still Alive which is a transformers prime passion project of mine. A psychological story about soldiers and war as well as government conspiracies on cybertron. I have been having so much fun working on this story and the continued support of my fans has made it even more fun.

So yes I will be disapearing next month but I will keep everyone up to date with the move via twitter. Till I see you guys on the otherside of this move I hope everyone keeps enjoying yaoi!


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