30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18 Favorite Supporting Female Character

So I’m going to talk about Lain again, only not Lain but her friend Arisu or Alice if you watch the dub for this one and I’ll keep it short.

1465348709-6ca5d0b5d7182d62e5b19f9ee137bed3Alice is the first character in the series we see try and make an offline connection with Lain, and the fact that is a classmate and not a family member is kind of important to the story. It shows just how isolated Lain is from the world offline.

Throughout much of the series Alice is an anchor that keeps Lain in the real world and it is an incident involving Alice later in the series that is the catalyst for Lain discovering her power to Reset. It is also Alice that makes Lain understand the important of offline connection as well as the connection found within the wire. It is for this reason Alice is my favorite supporting female character.


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