30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 19 Most Epic Scene

You can bet I knew right away when I saw this prompt I knew exactly  what I wanted to talk about. A transformers series that is an anime so I can talk about here which makes me happy because this series does not get nearly enough love!!! (Plus I really really really want to see the Japanese version of this series).


I’ll break down the series as simply as possible but know that this scene is a major spoiler for the end of the series. In this version of the transformers universe the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting for control over an ancient race of transformers known as minicons who can grant other transformers amazing power when combined. For this reason the series has been dubbed Transformers gotta catch them all by a lot of fans.

Transformers Armada was the series that brought me back into the transformers fandom and brought many a fangirl to a certain Decepticon. I am of course talking about Starscream. Throughout the series more than any other character Starscream goes through a journey of self discovering and questioning himself. (this character growth is lost in Transformers Energon as Starscream as well as it seems everyone else has amnesia as to what happened in the prior series sadly)

tumblr_inline_miy49buf711qz4rgpThroughout the series we see many characters side swapping, backstab and form friendships. Starscream himself forms a friendship with the human friends of the Autobots, but remains Megatron’s most loyal soldier. (doesn’t sound like any other Starscream right?)

As the war hits it’s climax a new threat approaches Cybertron and the transformers and the only hope to save their world is for the two leaders to put there hatred aside and work together. When Megatron refuses the alliance Starscream makes a last ditch effort to prove to his leader not only his loyalty but that alliance is the only way to survive in the above epic fight scene that ends in tragedy but begins the beginning of saving Cybertron. If that is not epic I don’t know what is!


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