30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 22 Favorite Weapon / Gear in anime

I have fallen so far behind with this, but I’m going to keep my head up and keep going until I am done. I am reminded as I go through this challenge of my days of playing sport as a kid. I sucked at sport, big time sucked. I was the one always picked last and I always came last. but there was a joy I found in sport was the pride I found in myself of not winning but knowing I finished at least. That is the attitude I plan to take as I continue.

grell-sutcliff-grell-sutcliffe-35626977-500-281Right I’m probably going to go a bit mainstream with this choice, but I have to go with the lovely Grell’s death scythe, it’s a freaking chainsaw! Plus let’s face it Grell is one of the most fascinating characters in anime. Grell is also a character I like because she/he is a perfect example of a lovely genderfluid character in anime. Yes there is an official ‘gender’ for Grell but I still see a wonderful genderfluid character, this is important to me because well that is how I myself identify.

And that weapon it’s a freaking chainsaw in Victorian England!!! IT’S FUCKING AWESOME JUST LIKE THE CHARACTER THAT USES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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