September Update

Damn I’m scared if I blink I’m going to miss the rest of this year. It’s almost moving day for the family coming the end of this month, we would have been out earlier but yeah that didn’t happen due to paperwork being delayed.

I have fallen behin on the 30 Day Anime Challenge but I will finish it within the next fortnight. Once that is done beside the occasional fanfiction rec post (I have a backlog of stories I want to share) and an upcoming review of my favorite web comic there really won’t be much posted this month. October will hopefully see the beginning of normal post again and I have some drafts written up of quite a few yaoi reviews, anime and manga as well the rest of my Ai no Kusabi review series but that is all on the back burner till the move is finished.

Of course I won’t be completely disappearing this month so keep an eye out for me in the comment sections of other blogs as well as twitter to keep up with me and my adorable offsider, my kitty Kane. Till next time my lovelies, enjoy what you love!

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