Fanfiction Rec 6: Passioned

What if… This one question is the catalyst for many a fanfiction writer. Believe me, I know, that is how my most recent project began last year, but this post is not about my work it is about an ongoing story by Kaminx titled Passioned that can be found within the Ai no Kusabi fandom. It is recommended by this reader that you watch the original 2 episode OVA as this story is a what-if scenario on the ending of the story shown in that series.

This what-if scenario that begins a new journey for our heroes Iason and Riki has Iason saving Riki before Guy can go through with his plans only for a more disastrous problem to come between Iason and his precious ‘Pet’ Riki.

A warning to fans of the series there is a very dark scene, one of the darkest and disturbing rape scenes I have read in a fanfiction, on the bright side it is played for power and not sexual gratification which makes it easier for me to read at least.

This is an ongoing fanfiction that explores how far one will go to protect what they love and just how much someone can ask someone to endure for a relationship. It has so far shown some of the most well-written character development I have read in an Ai no Kusabi fanfiction. This comes from exploring another relationship other than Riki and Iason’s and works for some intriguing world building as well.

This fanfic is a must read for an Ai no Kusabi fan and I will say this now, I would definitely pick this over say a more well known Ai no Kusabi fic that gets more praise than I think it deserves and it is why I won’t mention that story here, but then again if someone can guess what that story is I might choose to write about it at a later date.


2 thoughts on “Fanfiction Rec 6: Passioned

  1. Oooh, I didn’t even know fanfic from Ai no Kusabi existed, oops :’D
    This sounds great, will definitely add it to read later, thanks for making a post about it! <33


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