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Wow the year is almost to an end, it has been a hard one but I think we will make it don’t you guys? I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last month but for a yaoi blog I need more yaoi posts so I’m going to try for every post this coming month to be yaoi or yaoi fan related.

My review of a certain webcomic will be up this Wednesday and I also have a First Impression post coming up real soon for an anime you guys following me on twitter will know I’m excited about.


So this month you can expect from me… yaoi, yaoi and more yaoi yay!!!

On the subject of yaoi I also want to give a big shout out to the Yaoi Worshippers group on Amino and if any of my lovely readers are part of this community feel free to look yours truly up under the name mistress of yaoi!!! I might even hold a few blog related poles on my page there

Japanese Yaoi Fandom Culture and its Vulnerabilities to Australian Child-Abuse and Child Pornography Laws — Jyotsna Singh

This blog will explore the cultural, social and symbolic significance the Japanese Yaoi fandom culture has played for its female audience. I will examine the way in which the difference in cultural normative frameworks between the Japanese culture and western culture renders Yaoi vulnerable to Australian Child-Abuse and Child Pornography Laws. The purpose of this blog is […]

via Japanese Yaoi Fandom Culture and its Vulnerabilities to Australian Child-Abuse and Child Pornography Laws — Jyotsna Singh

This is probably one of the most informative pieces on the yaoi genre and fandom I have read in a long time. The author goes into detail about the cultural differences between Japan and western society in particular Australia (which is where I myself reside) and even goes into the whole legal side of these kind of stories under Australian Child Protection laws.

A lot of this information was stuff I myself had already known through doing my own research years and years ago after a case on the news in 2008 caught my attention of  an Australian man being charged with possession of child porn for having Simpsons porn on his computer. That full story can be found here.

Laws on what is legal and what is not legal vary from country to country and the internet at times can feel like a big country without borders, but it is important that we obey the laws of our own home countries and keep ourselves safe online.

What the hell is Gakuen Handsome?

Yay, I’m doing a first reaction post for a BL series that is airing this Fall season, what you didn’t know there was a BL series this season? I suppose you can be forgiven for that, but if you have chosen to not watch this series based solely on the art style, you are missing out on something fun!!!


Gakuen Handsome is a series that is completely self-aware of what it is, a parody series that plays with common tropes within the yaoi and boys love genre, but it does not just play with these tropes it takes them to the extreme level of sheer hilarity. (I could not stop laughing watching the first ep, even the opening is a brilliant parody of the BL genre and anime aimed at women)

Based on a BL dating game of the same name with an almost cult-like following the anime itself is the end result of a crowdfunding campaign and met its goal within five days but kept going with more stretch goals, the end result being the anime you can now watch on Crunchyroll.

Each episode is just over three minutes long including the opening and end credits but manages to through as many yaoi tropes and jokes at you while keeping a coherent and fun narrative. I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this series will go and put this down as a must watch this season as well as Yuri on Ice!!! for any BL and Yaoi fan.



Fanfiction Rec 7: Scent of his Mate

I’m back to share some of my all-time favorite fanfictions from around the net and I find myself nostalgic lately because I have been replaying Final Fantasy X and X-2 remastered while I patiently wait like many for XV to be released. (Had my pre-order paid off for two months now)

Replaying the game I was reminded of an old fanfiction I read ages upon ages ago. So I went searching for it once I had internet access back at home and through some searching, I finally found the story The Scent of His Mate by Bioxz. This is an amusing story of Kimahri becoming obsessed with Tidus’s scent, to the point where it becomes a turn on for the Ronso. This is a very very explicit fanfiction that covers themes of violence, rape, and scent fetish.

It also has a different backstory for Kimahri and his relationship with clan which gives the story a slight AU without deviating too far from the canon path… well it does kind of interrupt of the canon pairing of the story but that is part of the fun of fanfiction. The author gives both Kimahri and Tidus believable character development throughout the story and the other characters are written in a very amusing way. So if you enjoy yaoi fanfiction within Final Fantasy and are looking for a less conventional pairing not written as just a crack pairing this is a story I highly recommend.

Disturbingly Disgusting Wasted Potential – Pupa

Before I start this review I want to state, I have never read the Pupa Manga and this review is based solely on the anime by Studio Deen.

There was a lot of hype for this one back in 2014 and perhaps if it had been a full-length series with twenty four-minute episodes, perhaps it could have lived up to that hype. I cannot, however, review a series for what it is not so I will have to review what I have.

Pupa is a series with potential a lot of it and I do plan to eventually read the manga when I find the time, but now I’m just delaying things I suppose. Pupa is an intriguing but unfortunately disjointed story of a brother and his sister who turns into a monster that craves human flesh, the brother with a healing ability brought on by a virus similar to that which has caused this hunger and monster within his sister allows his sister to feast upon him so she does not have to kill. Or at least that is what I think it is about.


There is also an incest love plot between the siblings within the series that feels it is just there for shock value and nothing more, a lot of the series feels like this actually. The story has a feel of let’s see what kind of disturbing shit can we put together and let’s make a story. A mother wanting to kill her own child, child abuse, cannibalism, torture, and incest. these are all subjects that though dark can be part of a good horror story but it all as I said just feels forced.

This is definitely a horror anime I would avoid if you want something ‘shocking’ I would recommend Elfen Lied over this monstrosity though that one is more edgy gore than anything substantially shocking.

Discussing Humanity, Philosophy and Parasyte (the final edit version)

My review of Parasyte the Maxim Discussing Philosophy, Humanity and Parasyte was an unfinished piece I was working on the night before our internet got cut off at the old house. In my tired state, I scheduled the unfinished piece to be uploaded at a certain date before the final edit. I came to this realization last week when I was informed that it had been posted.

I must admit a part of me was mortified that an unfinished work had been made public but without internet, there was nothing I could do, then the comments and email notifications started coming through, you guys loved my unfinished work to the point it was being praised by other bloggers. It was because of this that I won’t be taking down the old post, but being the kind of person who cannot leave a project unfinished so here is the completed post.

If I can I would like to open this post with the number 7 of The Nine Satanic Statements found in the beginning of the Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor Lavey;

“Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often times worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his ‘divine spiritual and intellectual development,’ has become the most dangerous animal of all”

There is a sense of foreboding terror within humans when the very idea that we are not the dominant species we think we are comes into play in both stories of non-fiction or fiction. The very thought of humans as nothing more than cattle to be feasted upon sends chills down in the subconscious of our mind, this is why the very idea of human cannibalism is seen as a taboo sin.

make_room_make_roomI first came across this very theme while in my high school years when I first read the novel by Harry Harrison; Make Room! Make Room! Though you probably know the story better as the cinematic adaptation of Soylent Green. I must say I recommend the book over the movie, but I read the book before I saw the movie so I could be slightly biased. There is a sense of fear and foreboding that can only be expressed through the written word. Inner monologue and an almost psychological breakdown of a character’s emotions are harder to get across in a visual medium, whereas something like a jump scare just will not work in the written word, this, however, has not stopped authors from trying.

I’m getting a little of the subject though, I guess my inner bibliophile just can’t help coming to the surface of thought every now and again, back on the subject of this fear our kind seems to have with not being the dominant species. Living in Australia I see this fear play out on the news at least a few times a year. A tourist will be taken by a saltwater croc up north or they will be talking about the latest shark attack victim. The reaction of humans to destroy these creatures because of these attacks and deaths, it reminds me of yet another classic piece of literature. That, of course, being Moby Dick and the captain’s obsession with revenge on the whale. You cannot put human morals and emotions on animals especially revenge, and yet here we find ourselves doing just that every time an animal takes a human life – or even looks like they will, the recent history with Harambe is proof of that.

The core of the story is a symbiotic relationship between Migi and Shinichi, early within the series our protagonist quickly learns that he cannot place human morals on a parasyte that is not human, does this symbiosis mean Shinichi must make a shift in his own morals? A more important question would be if he did would he lose the part of himself that is still human?


This is difficult for Shinichi because human instinct wants him to do everything he can to protect not only himself from these monsters but also those around him. There is a very obvious character arc and growth of both Shinichi and Migi throughout the series and for me personally, it was the most enjoyable part of the series.

What are first seen as monsters at the beginning of the series, (it’s hard not to think of them as that with the first opening scene of the series) if these monsters can make us lose our own morals and humanity can the same be said for their own survival instincts teaching them morals through humanity?

This is the kind of story I can easily find myself becoming obsessed with and I did while it was airing and I still love it today, except for one thing and warning there are spoilers ahead for the end of the series.

The series ending seemingly came out of left field for me, what started as a horror anime seem to conclude like a nineties after school special on the human impact on the environment…. it went from an interesting gore filled psychological horror, to Captain Planet minus the fun cheesiness. I mean in the context of the story it made sense I suppose especially when you look at the final battle scene but still the whole environmental message at the end just almost felt tacked on, up until the final few episodes there was seemingly no hint that this is where the story was headed, a surprising ending can be an awesome pay off for an awesome series, an ending that leaves you satisfied… this ending left me with unanswered questions.

That aside, however, Parasyte The Maxim is a pretty awesome horror anime.


I was Nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!!


I want to thank mojojojoan for nominating me for this and I will do my best to live up to it. Also I am sorry this has taken so long for me to reply to but the whole no internet thing kinda got in the way…


Here are the Rules!

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1. I am an avid Bibliophile, if you don’t know what that means it means I love books! I love reading them, collecting them and just being around them. Libraries are a hidden paradise in suburbs, towns and cities for me ever since I finished high school but even then if I could spend my lunch break in the library at school I would.

2. My tastes in music can vary a lot. My all time favorite band is Daft Punk, but I also love Vocaloid music, Fort Minor, Manowar, Marilyn Manson and Nickelback to name a few different artists. I also enjoy a lot of music from the 30’s and 40’s including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Elvis Presley.

3. If I had to pick an all time favorite movie it would have to be ‘Philadelphia’ other movies  I love include, Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Porco Rosso, Deadpool, Revenge of the Nerds and the original Transformers the Movie. Also a side note this one, my favorite actor is Tom Hanks.

4. The first video game I ever completed was an RPG on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System called ‘Secret of Evermore’. It is a hidden gem in RPG gaming in my opinion and does not get nearly enough attention. The game has one of the most camp and fun stories I have played through and if you are a fan of b-movies and rpg’s it is a title I can not recommend enough.

5.I really really love tea, my teas take up almost half a shelf in the pantry. I like buying ingredients to make my own blends with loose leaf tea, my current favorite is a mix is a blend consisting of earl grey leaves with dried lavender and rose petals.

6. Several years ago I had breast reduction surgery, I went from a JJ cup (yes you read that right) to a DD. The fact I was on the waiting list for this op for so long is why I suffer from back problems now as well as before.

7. I am in a long term, long distance relationship with the love of my life.

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