I’m back!!!

Did you miss me? If I’m completely honest I missed you guys while I have been gone. I thought things were chaotic before we moved, I had no idea what I was in for when we finally moved.

First the sale of our previous house was held up so we had to deal with an extra week there and that was without internet because we had arranged for it to be cut off the day before we move. Then the day we were going to move kept being changed on us, see here in Australia once the sale of a house goes through you have 24 hours to move out. So each day we get read to make the move only to be kept being told sorry the money for the sale is still on hold. This went for just over a week. This coursed both my brothers anxiety to go through the roof.

Then once we move in I find out that some of my stuff is not where I thought it had gone so I had a full blown anxiety/panic attack in front of my grandparents just days after moving in. Did I mention my bed kinda broke when we pulled it apart for the move? I’m currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor of my new room, but a new bed is on the way.

But here is the big one, our home internet… I fucking hate Telstra at this point I really do. Our new modem arrived before we moved in and because no one was here it got sent back. This meant we had to re order a new modem, no biggy right?  RIGHT?…. They lost the new one we ordered in the mail the first time and the second and third ones never even got sent out. Three weeks after moving in we still have no internet. My mum and brother fed up with the companies stuff ups go an hour out of town to the nearest big shopping centre to the Telstra store to buy a modem to make sure we get it. They get it home, they hook it up…. it does not work, the house has no internet service…

That was last Friday. Mum rings Telstra this morning to find out they have not even started in getting our internet on because the order had been canceled. After all that we get internet only its still not working properly, one more phone call to Telstra is made… the result of that call is we now finally have internet.

*sits quietly and sips tea*

Telstra in my opinion has some of the worse customer service I have ever experience and I have had bad customer service at centrelink…

Other than all that I would say the move went as smooth as possible, now if you don’t mind I have some anime to catch up on I really want to check out Yuri on Ice!!! and Gakuen Handsome.


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