Disturbingly Disgusting Wasted Potential – Pupa

Before I start this review I want to state, I have never read the Pupa Manga and this review is based solely on the anime by Studio Deen.

There was a lot of hype for this one back in 2014 and perhaps if it had been a full-length series with twenty four-minute episodes, perhaps it could have lived up to that hype. I cannot, however, review a series for what it is not so I will have to review what I have.

Pupa is a series with potential a lot of it and I do plan to eventually read the manga when I find the time, but now I’m just delaying things I suppose. Pupa is an intriguing but unfortunately disjointed story of a brother and his sister who turns into a monster that craves human flesh, the brother with a healing ability brought on by a virus similar to that which has caused this hunger and monster within his sister allows his sister to feast upon him so she does not have to kill. Or at least that is what I think it is about.


There is also an incest love plot between the siblings within the series that feels it is just there for shock value and nothing more, a lot of the series feels like this actually. The story has a feel of let’s see what kind of disturbing shit can we put together and let’s make a story. A mother wanting to kill her own child, child abuse, cannibalism, torture, and incest. these are all subjects that though dark can be part of a good horror story but it all as I said just feels forced.

This is definitely a horror anime I would avoid if you want something ‘shocking’ I would recommend Elfen Lied over this monstrosity though that one is more edgy gore than anything substantially shocking.


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