Song of the Wind and Trees – Boys Love Classic Anime Review

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An original Boys Love classic that can be compared to such literature classics like Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, that is how I can best introduce you my reader to the story of Kaze To Ki No Uta, also known as  Song of the Wind and Trees.

First published from 1976 – 1984 even today the story’s subject matter will push boundaries with themes of Racism, Homophobia, Pedophilia, Rape, Incest and Drug Use this is not a story for those easily offended, but beneath all of these themes is a beautifully tragic story of adolescence and innocence.

66115Set in the late 19th Century at a boarding school in Province, the story tells of two outcast students at the school who are outcasts; each for very different reasons.

Serge Battour is the orphaned son of a former student of the school the viscount Battour and beautiful gypsy women by the name of Paiva. Though the heir of an aristocratic household his mixed heritage has caused him to deal with much hate and this is seen with his first appearance in the manga when he offers to help a child only to be told by the child’s mother to not lay his filthy hands on the boy. This has not turned the boy cruel however and he has a kind and innocent heart and tries to see the best in the world and those around him even when other’s say there is no good to be found, this does, however, bring a naivety to his character which can make it easy for those around him to take advantage of his kindness.

66111The character however that most people remember from this tragic tale is that of Gilbert Cocteau a lustful little demon with an angel’s face. With soft feminine features he lures others in but at the same time keeps everyone at a distant. The child of adultery for his parents his mother is his father’s sister in law he was rejected by the family and only ‘loved’ by his cruel father who sees’s Gilbert as nothing more than a toy for himself to use at his pleasure. There are times within the story where like Serge you will want to try and save Gilbert but there are also moments where you don’t want to save the boy with a fear of being ensnared into Gilbert’s twisted view of the world.

The series itself has a beautiful girlie art style that is definitely of the time it was made and I myself found the art of the series faintly reminded me of the Osamu Tezuka’s work in particularly Princess Knight and I would not be surprised if the artist of the series found inspiration amongst Tezuka’s work.

The only real sad thing about this hidden gem of both a manga and anime within the boys love community is how hard it can be to get a hold of a hard copy of either the manga or the anime, and though I don’t say this often it is such an important part of the history of the genre that I even recommend reading and watching the series online; where if you look you will find it easily.

Many tropes found within yaoi today started with this story right here, which makes it a milestone at the beginning of the genre and it is, in my opinion, a gem that should not be lost to time and if you find the time, read this classic and enjoy the anime as well.


Fanfiction Rec 10: A Gentleman’s Kiss


My favorite comic has ended, I mourn the end of MTMTE. When a series comes to an end many fans mourn and though I know the series will sort of continuing on, the end of MTMTE for me feels like the end of an era.

300px-tflegends-allhailmegatronAll Hail Megatron was my own introduction to the IDW Transformers universe and I instantly loved the story. Since then I have read Transformers Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye. These more mature transformers stories instantly dragged me in and if I could describe MTMTE I would say it honestly reads like a ‘Transformers Soap Opera’ and depending on how you feel about the genre of soap opera well you could say they are a guilty pleasure of mine. (I’m obsessed with Bold and the Beautiful and watch it every weekday afternoon)This week’s Fanfiction Rec is a short and sweet one shot from the MTMTE universe that has a pairing that does not get as much love as other ships. Megatron X Rung.

A Gentleman’s Kiss by Tarnit tells the story of two socially awkward bots just enjoying themselves at a party. One of them is the type that can easily fade into the background and is easily forgotten, the other the former Decepticon Warlord repenting his past mistakes could not blend into a crowd unless he could somehow physically make himself invisible and even then could be found.

tf_mtmte_52_cvrriMTMTE has my favorite character arc for Megatron, from his introduction into the story to the very end he is a bot coming to terms with what he has done with his life, what he allowed it to become and the monster he truly was. There is a genuine friendship between him and Rung in the comic series because Rung is a Psychiatrist, something old Meg’s has probably needed for a while.

The sense of loneliness in these characters really shines in this short story and though it is nothing of a sexual nature happens it is a short and sweet read is something I stumbled upon in trying to fill the void that the end of MTMTE has left in me.

Isle of Forbidden Love – Yaoi Manga Review

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images_love_story_04Aki is a Jittemochi, a commoner of Edo with the power to arrest and he is helping investigate a series of mysterious murders in Edo. He is a man with a frightening past in which he was kidnapped as a child, what does this have to do with the current investigation? More than Aki ever thought and an encounter with a mysterious stranger is about to change Aki’s world forever. Kuga is defiantly hiding something from Aki but all Aki can do is get swept away.

This is all I’m going to say about this stories wonderful plot because discovering the winding mystery of this plot is what makes this one of my favorite manga in my collection. The artists behind Duo Brand – Haruka Akatsuki and Nobuyoshi Watanabe are amazingly talented artists and their artwork truly shines with this one-shot manga. (My favorite work of their’s being a Lord of the Rings Doujinshi )

Character development is something that can make or break a yaoi title for me, if I cannot get invested in the characters I cannot get invested in the romance. When I read yaoi I want more than just a dirty story most of the time. I want characters with heart, characters that pull me into their world and perhaps even make me lose myself in their world while I read.

The fantasy of escapism found in this kind of medium can be the most therapeutic in times of stress or uncertainty in our lives. There is a comfort in losing ourselves to these fantasies every once in a while and Isle of Forbidden Love is definitely one of this Fujoshi’s favorites.

Does the Kiss make it a BL Series?


Now that I have fully recovered from this weeks episode of Yuri on Ice and that ending that well made quite a splash online (#yurionice was even trending on twitter for a couple of hours) I must admit I found myself thinking; Does this make Yuri on Ice a BL series?

Also yes I do realize it is Friday and this should be a Fanfiction Rec post but I wanted to get this out there quickly before the poll I started on Twitter and in the Yaoi Worshippers Amino finish because I’m curious as to how fans are reacting to this.

cvj_8hxviaauyriIf my feed on Twitter Thursday morning was anything to go by, well to be honest I have not seen the infamous ep yet but there was enough talk around I was kind of spoiled as well as several friends sending me ‘the clip of the moment’ on Facebook (I must be getting predictable I don’t even get reactions anymore when they find out I am reading Transformers Yaoi Fanfiction)

Needless to say I’ve been asked by many if I personally think the series is BL to which at the moment I have to say I am not sure. See there was a similar moment in two other animes not classed as BL those being Kyou Kara Maou and No. 6, though both popular with a fujoshi audience base they are not classed as BL just for these moments.

If Yuri on Ice goes into a direction that further explores a canon romance between Victor and Yuri then maybe I will change my standing on whether the series is Boys Love but at this point I have to say no, and that this little moment was yet another piece of fanservice.

Fanfiction Rec 9: It Goes Both Ways

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So far my Fanfiction Recs have been very drama heavy and darker stories, so this week I would like to present It Goes Both Ways by Yaoihamkitty a fun little role reversal fluffy yaoi story. What do I mean by role reversal? Well in this fun little romp an older Misaki gives Usagi a very special birthday present, himself and it’s not in the way Usagi is used to it.

This might come as a surprise to many of you readers, but I must confess even though  I am a yaoi lover, I’m not a big fan of PWP (Porn Without Plot) fanfiction. I get no gratification out of these stories. There are exceptions to that rule, and it has to be a very specially written fic to catch my attention with this.

A lot of PWP fanfics focus on the motions and lust of the ‘moment’ in other words it’s what I personally call a Fuck story. I do however like the kind of stories that as well as having the motions and the lust, they also show the love the characters feel in the story. I like the kind of stories that are not just sex but lovemaking.

8eb31a2aa272a2dc52d83133abd6d67c<It is my love of this romantic love as to why this scene right here is my favorite in not only Junjou Romantica but in all of the yaoi. In this one moment, all the love Usagi feel’s for Misaki is expressed in one simple gesture.

‘It Goes Both Ways’ is a lovemaking story and as well as a brilliantly written sex scene in the second chapter, there is the romantic build up in the first chapter and a romantic build up during the act itself. These are the kind of stories that give me those warm fuzzies all us fujoshi love.

9 Non Yaoi or BL Titles every Fujoshi Should Watch!!!



It was not too long ago my readers that we would have to wait years for the next Boys Love or Yaoi series or OVA to come out. In these dark times, fujoshi like myself would have to get our ‘feels’ from other anime. The following nine anime are the kind of anime we would use to give ourselves those Fujoshi feels while we patiently waited for the next Boys Love or Yaoi series to come out; also so there is a bit of variety in this list there will be no Sports anime but perhaps if you, my readers, ask I will make a list of the best sports anime for a Fujoshi audience.


1. Anything by CLAMP 


Formed in the Mid-80’s; Nanase Ohkawa, Mokona, Tsubaki Nekoi and Satsuki Igarashi make up Clamp a powerhouse in the world of manga and anime!! From the sweet background relationship between Toya and Yukito in Cardcaptor Sakura to the emotional Armageddon battle of X / 1999 (If your planning on watching X I highly recommend the 2000 anime series over the movie. The artwork and sound design in the movie are gorgeous but sadly suffers from being a bad adaptation that cannot stand on its own story-wise and you will definitely find yourself lost in the plot very quickly) you will find something you love among there works when it comes to anime.

f07ec98be82e77069d54763e0d55626c2  Gundam Wing

When it comes to Gundam it is a literal pick your poison for a Fujoshi but I’m going to have to go with Gundam Wing because it was my introduction to the world of Gundam when I was a teenager and I still love it today. One look at the official artwork for the series and you know the creators knew what kind of audience this series was going to attract. (seriously google search Gundam Wing Official Artwork)

The only way I can describe Gundam Wing is an epic space opera with hot mecha pilots and cool mech battles. From the cold as ice and cool Heero Yuy, the spunky in your face Duo Maxwell (I use to ship these two soo hard), the complicated pressure cooker Chang Wufei, the wild Trowa Barton or the sweet pacifist Quatre Raberba Winner (please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Quatre from Gundam Wing and Seguchi Tohma from Gravitation look like twins) there is sure to be a boy or pair of boys in this cast that you will just love. A side note from this fan, there is a lot of hate in the yaoi community towards the character of Relena in the series, my suspicion is because a lot of fans hate that she gets in the way of the Heero x Duo ship which is a shame because she is an awesome strong female character.

get-back 3.  GetBackers

I seriously had to double check on this one to make sure it really was not a yaoi or BL title, I mean look at this official artwork? Tell me this does not look like the promotional material for a BL series?

Released in 2002 and produced by Studio Deen, GetBackers tells the story of Ban Mido and Ginji Amano who form the GetBackers Recovery Service. If you have something lost these two will recover it for you at a price and these two have ‘an almost 100% success rate’. This is a series that starts off very light-hearted and funny but as the series continues and the past of the main characters comes to their present the series turns into an action-packed melodrama.

shounen maid 4.  Shounen Maid

It would have been so easy and definitely obvious for me to put Black Butler on this list but I think every fujoshi has already watched that, so I decided to go with a series from the Spring 2016 anime season. I’ve also noticed that no one seems to talk about it, almost like it was forgotten after airing.

This is a shame because at its heart Shounen Maid is an adorable anime series that for me at least give me that feeling of Moe for the young Chihiro. (To those who are confused for my use of the word moe for this anime, I will explain everything once I finish my review of the anime which should be out in December)

gankutsuou-03-e13445551098265.  Gankutsuou – The Count of Monte Cristo

A classic tale of revenge and deceit within the upper class turned into an epic sci-fi anime? With it’s unique and gorgeous art style this series became an instant favorite of mine after the first ep. This even came as a surprise for me because I am a huge fan of the source material, but being a bibliophile’s wet dream is not enough for to recommend this series to my fellow fujoshi.

It all starts with our main character Albert and the mysterious Count he meets, and there is an instant spark any fujoshi would recognize upon there first meeting. Albert is in awe of this mysterious stranger who has suddenly appeared in his life out of nowhere.

What follows is a story with more backstabbing and deceit than an afternoon episode of Bold and the Beautiful and a story climax that is just perfect fujoshi bait.

9033706a972edcf0f3e0280e9298d0ae6.  Project K

Hidden among the gangs of Tokyo lie the clans of the ‘Kings’, people with superhuman powers who can share that power with their clansman. Unbeknownst to the people of Tokyo, a war is brewing between the clans after the murder of one of these clansmen.

This is another series where the creators obviously knew they kind of fan base they were getting for the series, we once again look at the official art to see this fact.

Gang warfare, the mystery of the original king and some of the most fun characters I have seen in anime since Durarara!!! Speaking of Durarara!!!

durarara-full-12550807.  Durarara!!!

With its varied characters and multiple storylines you are sure to find something my dear fujoshi that will tickle your fancy and though it is mainstream in the community I cannot go past Izaya X Shizuo.

Durarara is the story of Ikebukuro a city within a city filled with some of the most fascinating characters out there, from a Russian Sushi restaurant to the colored gangs and their leaders. A headless motorcycle rider that is just really a normal woman, a back alley doctor, a barman with an immense temper and strength and a psychotic humanity loving information broker there really is everything here.

poster-thumb-89778.  Blue Exorcist

Confession time my fellow fujoshi, let’s face it we all love a bit of twincest in our yaoi minds. Whether it is the Weasley’s from Harry Potter or the Hitchan boys from Ouran you know you love them.

Rin and his brother Yukio are exorcists or to be exact Rin is an exorcist in training where his twin brother is a prodigy trained by their adopted father. The boys also hide a secret heritage that once others find out could jeopardize them being exorcists.

This is a series with a lot of heart and laughs but you would have to be heartless not to cry in those final episodes.

paome_655d48a0-343f-0132-6e11-721c9f2fe24fcoll260588259. Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (not) Redo

Three things about this entry my readers, one; I am one hundred percent bias on this one Kowaru Nagisa x Shinji Ikari was one of my first ships. Two; please watch the other two movies before you watch this one or you will be lost. Three; this is more me being a fan of that one episode from the original series that I think is why I got so much enjoyment out of this, right now that that is out of the way time for me to gush.

I have been waiting ever since the ending of Evangelion 1.11 to see these two together once again. There is just something so pure about these two, from how broken Shinji is to how kind and gentle Kowaru is to him!!!

Wow that was longer than I thought it would be, hope everyone liked this post. Would you guys like me to do more list posts like this? If so let me know in the comments below.

Fanfiction Rec 8: Breaking Free


Breaking Free by MissCHSparkles is no light read, but a 40 chapter Transformers G1 yaoi epic!! (and it is not the longest fanfiction I have read, that goes to a piece in the Yugioh fandom) Also on a side note, this fanfiction does go into OTP territory for me, as I entered the world of Transformers fanfiction years ago now I saw something emerge that I myself would eventually add to.

fireinthesky_decepticonsrepairingskyfireBut I’m getting ahead of myself on this one, plus this post is to talk about Breaking Free and not my fanfic project. The pairing of Starscream and Skyfire first caught my attention the first time I watched the G1 episode Fire in the Sky. Up until this point in the series, we as the audience had seen Starscream as a traitorous Decepticon second in command that just could not wait to overthrow his leader. He was ambitious and he was an idiot, then Fire in the Sky happens.

In this episode the Decepticons while digging in the Arctic Circle for a source of energy, they uncover a frozen Transformer buried deep in the ice, they discover Skyfire. It is in this episode we find out that the giant shuttle is a prewar friend of Starscream and that before the war Starscream was a scientist and that this bot was his friend. This right here opened up a fandom to the ship of Skyfire and Starscream. It showed a softer side to a popular Decepticon who through the years has gained quite the female following…myself included. (one just has to look at my transformers collection to see the many Starscreams, am I obsessed? perhaps but there are worse hobbies out there)

tumblr_mhka3pyzdn1rwfueeo1_1396028671_coverBreaking Free opens on a common trope found within transformer yaoi fanfiction… Starscream being in an abusive relationship with Megatron. Many of my favorite Transformers stories involve Starscream being rescued from this situation and this is by far one of the most realistic stories of abuse I have found in the fandom.

From Megatron’s cruelty mixed with moments of kindness to Starscream suffering what can only be described as a complete mental breakdown and PTSD because of his leader’s cruelty to the Autobots wanting to save an enemy from such cruelty because not even a villain can deserve this, this is another story that covers dark subject matter.

There is also, however, some wonderful comedic moments in the story, the best of which in my opinion coming from the Dinobots. This is a story that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions from moments of anger and pity to laughter and happiness and a must read for any Transformers Yaoi fan.

What I’m Reading: The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy

webcomic review, yaoi

I’m so happy I’m finally writing about my favorite webcomic – The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy is a webcomic I have loved for a couple of years now and is a series that really needs more attention than what it gets. If you are a lover of classic superhero comics from both Marvel and DC and you are a yaoi fan believe me this is a match made in heaven for you.

The Young Protectors follows a Teen Titans like a ragtag group of young heroes under the supervision of an Adult Hero as a sort of Hero training ground, but it is the characters and their interactions that make this series. This is a story that through simple on the surface and could have easily been a simple good guy vs bad guy, black and white perspective it instead has more shades of grey than a certain novel series.

The line between good guy and bad guy are both dangerous boundaries but also blurred lines on the playing field, bad guys are capable of kindness and heroes capable of great evil. At its heart, the story begins with a coming out story for a young superhero and deals with this kind of story with the respect it deserves with enough slice of life comedy as well as social commentary on the issue.


Characters throughout the story share there own stories of growth and perspectives of societies very beliefs on such matter and these range from acceptance to outright disgust.

This is a web series that does not sugar coat the story it is trying to tell and is the kind of story that I think might actually help those going through these issues themselves, plus it’s also a really cool kick-butt superhero story!!!

Sports Anime Takes Yaoi Community by Storm!!!


You could easily be forgiven for thinking Yuri on Ice!!! is a BL series with all the attention it has already been getting from yaoi and anime fans alike on social media. Any anime community you are in you will find people talking about this series, from tumblr to Facebook and of course Twitter to just name a few. (to those following me on Twitter you will have seen all the fun stuff I myself have been retweeting)


Am I the only one that thinks Yuri kinda looks like Shinichi from Parasyte?

But what is it about this series that has everyone so excited? I’m going to try my hardest here to explain why. It all starts with our main Yuri Katsuki a talented male figure skater that lacks self confidants in himself and his idol in the world of figure skater the handsome and talented genius Victor Nikiforov. After a crushing defeat on the world stage Yuri has hit his lowest point, that is until a video of him performing Victor’s skating routine goes viral online and Victor comes to Japan to become Yuri’s new coach, leaving everyone in the figure skating world shocked. That is the basic story of the first episode between the two we also get a glimpse at a rival for Victor’s attention another Yuri from Russia who is the complete opposite of our Japanese Yuri, though his hard ass attitude could be just the boys armor and I get the feeling there is something more to this other Yuri.

On the surface this sounds like the usual underdog sports anime plot that has been seen time and time again so there must be something more that is getting the internet’s attention. Well there is… fanservice aimed at a fujoshi audience.

cwkiv0gxyaeksdfIf the BL undertones of this series were any more obvious they would be a shovel to the face. There is a hinted adoration from our Japanese Yuri towards Victor, to the point that when he first meets his idol at his home his reaction is like that of a girl with a high school crush. Then there is Victor’s almost flirtatious way of interacting with Yuri.

From getting right into the boys personal space constantly when talking to him, asking personal questions and having no shame when it comes to his body in the hot springs. This sexual tension between the two comes to a head with the third episode with Yuri’s performance in a competition where Victor wants Yuri to display something he has never shown before… Eros – sexual desire and love. Yuri on Ice definitely feels like a BL series in disguise as a sports anime and you can bet this yaoi fangirl is going to keep watching especially with what has already been seen of both boys.