Fanfiction Rec 8: Breaking Free

Breaking Free by MissCHSparkles is no light read, but a 40 chapter Transformers G1 yaoi epic!! (and it is not the longest fanfiction I have read, that goes to a piece in the Yugioh fandom) Also on a side note, this fanfiction does go into OTP territory for me, as I entered the world of Transformers fanfiction years ago now I saw something emerge that I myself would eventually add to.

fireinthesky_decepticonsrepairingskyfireBut I’m getting ahead of myself on this one, plus this post is to talk about Breaking Free and not my fanfic project. The pairing of Starscream and Skyfire first caught my attention the first time I watched the G1 episode Fire in the Sky. Up until this point in the series, we as the audience had seen Starscream as a traitorous Decepticon second in command that just could not wait to overthrow his leader. He was ambitious and he was an idiot, then Fire in the Sky happens.

In this episode the Decepticons while digging in the Arctic Circle for a source of energy, they uncover a frozen Transformer buried deep in the ice, they discover Skyfire. It is in this episode we find out that the giant shuttle is a prewar friend of Starscream and that before the war Starscream was a scientist and that this bot was his friend. This right here opened up a fandom to the ship of Skyfire and Starscream. It showed a softer side to a popular Decepticon who through the years has gained quite the female following…myself included. (one just has to look at my transformers collection to see the many Starscreams, am I obsessed? perhaps but there are worse hobbies out there)

tumblr_mhka3pyzdn1rwfueeo1_1396028671_coverBreaking Free opens on a common trope found within transformer yaoi fanfiction… Starscream being in an abusive relationship with Megatron. Many of my favorite Transformers stories involve Starscream being rescued from this situation and this is by far one of the most realistic stories of abuse I have found in the fandom.

From Megatron’s cruelty mixed with moments of kindness to Starscream suffering what can only be described as a complete mental breakdown and PTSD because of his leader’s cruelty to the Autobots wanting to save an enemy from such cruelty because not even a villain can deserve this, this is another story that covers dark subject matter.

There is also, however, some wonderful comedic moments in the story, the best of which in my opinion coming from the Dinobots. This is a story that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions from moments of anger and pity to laughter and happiness and a must read for any Transformers Yaoi fan.


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