Fanfiction Rec 9: It Goes Both Ways

So far my Fanfiction Recs have been very drama heavy and darker stories, so this week I would like to present It Goes Both Ways by Yaoihamkitty a fun little role reversal fluffy yaoi story. What do I mean by role reversal? Well in this fun little romp an older Misaki gives Usagi a very special birthday present, himself and it’s not in the way Usagi is used to it.

This might come as a surprise to many of you readers, but I must confess even though  I am a yaoi lover, I’m not a big fan of PWP (Porn Without Plot) fanfiction. I get no gratification out of these stories. There are exceptions to that rule, and it has to be a very specially written fic to catch my attention with this.

A lot of PWP fanfics focus on the motions and lust of the ‘moment’ in other words it’s what I personally call a Fuck story. I do however like the kind of stories that as well as having the motions and the lust, they also show the love the characters feel in the story. I like the kind of stories that are not just sex but lovemaking.

8eb31a2aa272a2dc52d83133abd6d67c<It is my love of this romantic love as to why this scene right here is my favorite in not only Junjou Romantica but in all of the yaoi. In this one moment, all the love Usagi feel’s for Misaki is expressed in one simple gesture.

‘It Goes Both Ways’ is a lovemaking story and as well as a brilliantly written sex scene in the second chapter, there is the romantic build up in the first chapter and a romantic build up during the act itself. These are the kind of stories that give me those warm fuzzies all us fujoshi love.


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