Does the Kiss make it a BL Series?

Now that I have fully recovered from this weeks episode of Yuri on Ice and that ending that well made quite a splash online (#yurionice was even trending on twitter for a couple of hours) I must admit I found myself thinking; Does this make Yuri on Ice a BL series?

Also yes I do realize it is Friday and this should be a Fanfiction Rec post but I wanted to get this out there quickly before the poll I started on Twitter and in the Yaoi Worshippers Amino finish because I’m curious as to how fans are reacting to this.

cvj_8hxviaauyriIf my feed on Twitter Thursday morning was anything to go by, well to be honest I have not seen the infamous ep yet but there was enough talk around I was kind of spoiled as well as several friends sending me ‘the clip of the moment’ on Facebook (I must be getting predictable I don’t even get reactions anymore when they find out I am reading Transformers Yaoi Fanfiction)

Needless to say I’ve been asked by many if I personally think the series is BL to which at the moment I have to say I am not sure. See there was a similar moment in two other animes not classed as BL those being Kyou Kara Maou and No. 6, though both popular with a fujoshi audience base they are not classed as BL just for these moments.

If Yuri on Ice goes into a direction that further explores a canon romance between Victor and Yuri then maybe I will change my standing on whether the series is Boys Love but at this point I have to say no, and that this little moment was yet another piece of fanservice.

2 thoughts on “Does the Kiss make it a BL Series?

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