Isle of Forbidden Love – Yaoi Manga Review

images_love_story_04Aki is a Jittemochi, a commoner of Edo with the power to arrest and he is helping investigate a series of mysterious murders in Edo. He is a man with a frightening past in which he was kidnapped as a child, what does this have to do with the current investigation? More than Aki ever thought and an encounter with a mysterious stranger is about to change Aki’s world forever. Kuga is defiantly hiding something from Aki but all Aki can do is get swept away.

This is all I’m going to say about this stories wonderful plot because discovering the winding mystery of this plot is what makes this one of my favorite manga in my collection. The artists behind Duo Brand – Haruka Akatsuki and Nobuyoshi Watanabe are amazingly talented artists and their artwork truly shines with this one-shot manga. (My favorite work of their’s being a Lord of the Rings Doujinshi )

Character development is something that can make or break a yaoi title for me, if I cannot get invested in the characters I cannot get invested in the romance. When I read yaoi I want more than just a dirty story most of the time. I want characters with heart, characters that pull me into their world and perhaps even make me lose myself in their world while I read.

The fantasy of escapism found in this kind of medium can be the most therapeutic in times of stress or uncertainty in our lives. There is a comfort in losing ourselves to these fantasies every once in a while and Isle of Forbidden Love is definitely one of this Fujoshi’s favorites.


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