Fanfiction Rec 10: A Gentleman’s Kiss

My favorite comic has ended, I mourn the end of MTMTE. When a series comes to an end many fans mourn and though I know the series will sort of continuing on, the end of MTMTE for me feels like the end of an era.

300px-tflegends-allhailmegatronAll Hail Megatron was my own introduction to the IDW Transformers universe and I instantly loved the story. Since then I have read Transformers Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye. These more mature transformers stories instantly dragged me in and if I could describe MTMTE I would say it honestly reads like a ‘Transformers Soap Opera’ and depending on how you feel about the genre of soap opera well you could say they are a guilty pleasure of mine. (I’m obsessed with Bold and the Beautiful and watch it every weekday afternoon)This week’s Fanfiction Rec is a short and sweet one shot from the MTMTE universe that has a pairing that does not get as much love as other ships. Megatron X Rung.

A Gentleman’s Kiss by Tarnit tells the story of two socially awkward bots just enjoying themselves at a party. One of them is the type that can easily fade into the background and is easily forgotten, the other the former Decepticon Warlord repenting his past mistakes could not blend into a crowd unless he could somehow physically make himself invisible and even then could be found.

tf_mtmte_52_cvrriMTMTE has my favorite character arc for Megatron, from his introduction into the story to the very end he is a bot coming to terms with what he has done with his life, what he allowed it to become and the monster he truly was. There is a genuine friendship between him and Rung in the comic series because Rung is a Psychiatrist, something old Meg’s has probably needed for a while.

The sense of loneliness in these characters really shines in this short story and though it is nothing of a sexual nature happens it is a short and sweet read is something I stumbled upon in trying to fill the void that the end of MTMTE has left in me.


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