2016 Retrospective

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2016 was probably the biggest emotional roller coaster ride I can think of in recent history for myself. It has been a year of anger, frustration, anxiety and great happiness. I thought for a long time that I had felt the full force of hating another person, but this year I was shown just how far one can hate someone you have known for most of your life. I do not want to dwell too much on the negative of this year however and walk away with some positives that I want to start the new year on.


I finally got to join Crunchyroll which along with Animelab this year opened up more anime for me. This Boy is a Professional Wizard, the latest in the this boy series by Soubi Yamamoto was an absolute joy to watch both visually and story wise. In it’s short run time it had a plot that sucked me in more than any long running series this year and that is saying a lot.

tumblr_ngz25biubs1u4lrrgo1_500Assassination Classroom was an early favorite of mine this year as I was loving it at the end of last year as well. I loved all the characters in the series even the minor ones and it’s large amount of episodes allowed some really awesome character growth throughout the series as well as leaving me with a love once again for friendly tentacle monsters. (A love that began so many years ago with a certain Trach tentacle monster from the Yaoi Hentai manga collection)

Then My Hero Academia came along and I was loving another adventure shounen series and I felt like I was once again in my youth when I loving shows like Dragonball Z, Naruto and Pokemon. There is something nostalgic about a good shounen under dog story, even though they can become very predictable you can always rely on them to bring some fun to the weekly anime viewing roster.

On the subject of nostalgia as well thanks to Crunchyroll I have been able to go back and watch the original Yugioh series uncut and I still love it as much as I did my youth. The original Dragon Ball Z is also now on Animelab for all us lucky Australian anime fans and watching that subbed has also been an interesting experience. Dragonball Super has also crept its way finally into my viewing schedule and I am also enjoying the series though it is not quite a must watch for me each week.

The High School Life of a Fudanshi and Gakuen Handsome both made me laugh at just how self aware both shows were especially the later (and don’t worry there will be a Gakuen Handsome review coming out as soon as I can get it typed up) and Shounen Maid is also worth a mention here as well as it is a series that both made me laugh and tug at my heart strings and made me finally understand the concept of moe on an emotional level I think.


You may have noticed my reader at this point that I have failed to mention Yuri on Ice in this post, well all I will say on that is that it is definitely my favorite anime of 2016 and if you want to know more of my opinion on it you are going to have to wait on my review.

300px-mtmte1_cvre2016 also saw the ending of my favorite comic series over the last couple of years Transformers More Than Meets The Eye. I have been a transformers lover since my teens and this comic series caught my interest last year when I found out there was a canon slash pairing with Chromedome and Rewind. I came for the fanservice but I stayed for a gripping story of drama, melodrama, plot twists, comedy and redemption archs.

While on the subject of Transformers, earlier this year a mini series was released on YouTube titled; Transformers Combiner Wars. A lot of transformers fans hated this. I was in the minority that actually really enjoyed the mini series. The story was far from perfect and so was the animation, but it gave me that mature transformers story I had been craving from the animated side of the franchise for years. (and let’s just face it, mature story is definitely not something we are ever going to see from the live action movies) Also me enjoying stuff that other people don’t is really not much of a surprise to me anymore so please don’t be upset my readers with what I am going to say next.

uma-no-prince-sama-capture-final-verdict-1A new phone for me after the big move allowed me to get back into mobile gaming. Mystic Messenger is a game I had read countless positive reviews for and quickly caught my interest. Upon playing the game however, I found myself disappointed. It got to a point where I could not even play the game without paying and this killed it completely for me.

Though late to the party because my previous phone could not handle the software I finally got to play Pokemon Go in October and have been playing the game off and on since then. It’s kind of fun I guess. My favorite mobile game for the year though is definitely one that came out recently.

My Prince Horse is a quirky, fun and completely nonsensical. The premise; you are dating a horse with a handsome human face through cut scenes and mini games. The mini games are basically all the same but it is enough silly fun to pass the time.

kei_pjdx_artConsole gaming on the PS4 was fun for me this year as well and I played quite a few digital only titles that I loved. Gems of War is the kind of game I knew I would get addicted to and I was right. What on the surface looks like a simple puzzle game has a depth of strategy thanks to the card battling system that joins the puzzle based fun. Think Candy Crush meets Magic the Gathering almost.

Akiba’s Trip 2 was a surprise find on the PSN store that upon playing I instantly loved as well. My favorite digital game though had to go to Project Diva X! I love rhythm games (my all time favorite DS game is Elite Beat Agents) and upon seeing I could finally play one I was hyped and loved every minute of it.

The last bit of gaming has to go to Final Fantasy 15 which at this point story wise I am about half way through. THIS GAME WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!! The battle system is fun, the characters amusing (I love Gladios!!) and it has been a blast to play.

aqpdstThough no where near the masterpiece level of Alan Moore’s Killing Joke comic, I did not completely hate the animated movie of it released this year. The added prologue did run a little too long, the sex scene was greatly unneeded and extremely awkward for long time Batman fans like myself and the meat of the story did not hold nearly as much weight as the book did it was still an enjoyable piece of media. We got Mark Hamill back as the Joker and that was enough for me and on the note of the Joker.

I did not hate Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad in fact I almost adored it, the only thing for me was the laugh was not quite there, it lacked a psychotic cackle it was almost there but not quite. (but that could be my own bias simply because I love Mark Hamill’s Joker laugh so much) Suicide Squad was definitely my favorite movie for 2016. It was just plain stupid fun which is what I needed this year. I can honestly say I had as much fun watching Suicide Squad as I previously did watching Deadpool.

The one thing I have loved most about this year though, is every single one of you!! This blog has opened up near I almost want to call them friendships but my level of trust in people is still not quite there yet, but I think it will be in time. Every one of you who has read, liked and commented on my posts has helped me to stick to it with this blog and have also helped me feel a little less lonely after the big move earlier this year.

Look out 2017 because Mistress of Yaoi is on her way to you!!!!

5 Boys Love and Yaoi Anime to Binge this Festive Season!!!


Christmas a time for partying and family for some, but what if your not the partying type? Maybe you need a break from the family after all the partying well have I got some fun anime suggestions to watch this festive season!!!

hqdefaultZetsuai / Bronze – Don’t let the older art style turn you away my reader, this two episode yaoi classic is a tear jerker of a boys love story with a happy ending only yaoi can give!! One of the main reasons I recommend this anime for the season is one of the climaxes of the series happens during Christmas!! There is also a third episode to the series that is a collection of music videos for one of the main characters who is a famous singer in the story!

Gravitation Lyrics of Love – Released before the full anime series, Gravitation Lyrics of Love is a slightly different take and story of the relationship between Shuichi and Yuki. With awesome original music with songs like ‘Blind Game Again’ (which was featured in the series), Smashing Blue and my favorite song from Gravitation Shining Collection!!


Gakuen Heaven – If your looking for something a little bit more cheery to watch, then I have to recommend the boys love anime that made me laugh the most and that goes to Gakuen Heaven; (that being said a lot of that has to go to the little innuendo style jokes they have at the beginning of most episodes) a big also my readers but this is one of the few harem anime I actually like! With it’s cast of lovely boys you  are sure to find one that will suite you, me personally I love ‘The King’ and ‘Queen’ of the campus lol. (this anime was also recently added to CrunchyRoll)


Level C  – Want something that is just pure yaoi fluff? With very little plot and one dimensional characters there is a certain yaoi charm to this classic yaoi OVA. Lonely fashion model Mizuki meets the mysterious Haruno who has just been kicked out of his most recent of beds that keeps the roof over his head and is looking for a new place to stay. With no money to pay rent he makes a different offer to Mizuki with how to pay the rent and you can probably already see where this is going. Short and sweet this title is sure to give you those yaoi feels!

sensitive-pornograph-yaoi-14996799-500-375Sensitive Pornograph – If anime has taught me anything about japan Christmas Eve is a time of hot dates and maybe more ( and my favorite Christmas episode in an anime has to go to Yamada’s First Time) and there is no hotter yaoi action out there than Sensitive Pornograph! Telling two different tales of sexual exploits if you are lucky enough to find it uncensored you are in for some yaoi fun this Christmas Eve, watch it alone or your partner…. if they let you of course 😉

Voice of the Fandom – Awesome Yuri on Ice Parodies!!!


At the time of me writing this I have not seen the final episode of Yuri on Ice, so please I beg my readers please don’t spoil the ending for me pretty please!!


Anime english cover’s are a dime a dozen on youtube but in recent weeks I discovered an awesome parody of History Maker by the lovely Judee Zee, this parody rightfully titled History Maker Yaoi Version. This brilliant little song takes the themes of History Maker and becomes a song of the fandoms wonderful journey into Vikturi!!!

This would have been enough to make me on happy fangirl but then… earlier this week something else appeared on Judee Zee’s Youtube page and something amazing happened and it was almost too much for this fujoshi!


A new Yuri on Ice!!!! Parody song was uploaded, this time taking that ear worm of a wonderful song from Trolls ‘Can’t Stop This Feeling’ and we were given a special gift in Can’t Stop the Shipping!!! Not only do we get another song on Vikturi but we also get mention of the newest ship to take the fandom by storm in a matter of hours of a certain ep coming out now we also have Otayuri to gush over!!!

The Yuri on Ice!!!!! Fandom has been a much needed shot of cheer I have needed after a hard year health wise and once the series is over I just know this awesome fandom is not going to disappear!!!

What I’m Watching in December!!!


Hello readers and welcome to a new series on my blog, I’ve decided that midway through each month I’m going to let you guys know what I’m watching, whether that be currently airing anime or if I’m sitting down and to finally watching a series I have not watched yet or rewatching an old favorite of mine.

I have admittedly not been watching as much as I usually watch this month due to… well those who follow me on Twitter will know I have been having so much fun playing Final Fantasy XV with all the lovely photo’s courtesy of Prompto that I have been sharing!!


Here we go with what I have been watching in the month of December!!

maxresdefaultFirst off let’s get the most obvious one out of the way, I am of course still watching Yuri on Ice and I am loving every moment of this Sports anime!! I love underdog stories and that might have been what drew me in and like many others I have also loved the fanservice but if I am completely honest there is one other element to this show I am loving more than any other. I’m going to call it right now and say that Yuri on Ice has my favorite anime soundtrack this year and believe me that is saying something especially comparing it to another series I am watching this season. Hearing the songs for each performance of the skaters gives a glimpse into the personalities of the each performer which is so much fun!

Speaking of music the second series I have been loving in the current season has to be Classicaloid an anime I have not seen a lot of people talking about. As soon as I heard the opening tot he series I was glued to my seat with this hilarious slice of life comedy series that has brought back some of classical music greatest genius’s. My favorite character by far is definitely Beethoven, his obsession for Gyoza is pure hilarity and the music for this series, as a lover of classical music myself (I’m just full of surprises) the premise of this series was enough to peak my interest and I have to put this down as a must watch, plus I love the art style which somewhat reminds me of the opening to Gosick.


Both Keijo!!!!!!!! and Gakuen Handsome are definitely what I would call ‘Guilty Pleasure’ veiwing this season, but they have been so much fun to watch I just could not find myself dropping them. The level of self awareness within Gakuen Handsome’s each short episode has me losing it laughing every single time.

Girlish Number is an anime with a premise that did intrigued me on the first watch, but I could not find myself getting into it and the same I can say for Occultic; Nine, Flip Flappers, Cheating Craft and Scorching Ping Pong.

yyyyOlder anime I have picked up to finally get around to watching this month include Anisava and Ojisan and Marshmallow and I have been re-watching Saint Young Men for the upcoming review.

I have also since having access to Yugioh on Crunchyroll been chilling out some days and just binge watching the original yugioh which I have been a fan of since I was teenager and it has been cool watching it uncut and subbed! I plan to eventually watch all the Yugioh on Crunchyroll.

I’ve also finally finally got around to watching Dragonball Super and I cannot wait to watch more of Goku and the gang!


And that’s the anime I have been watching this month, is there anything I have dropped that you think I should give another chance or have you been watching the same shows as me? Let me know in the comments below!

December Update

blog update

Wow after ten years of waiting I finally got my hands on Final Fantasy XV and I have already put about ten hours into the game and I am loving it!!!  I’m also slowly catching up with season 2 and 3 of Transformers Robots in Disguise but of course I could not stay away from any clips I found on YouTube of my favorite con voiced by my favorite voice actor!!!

Thank you writers for finally giving us an answer as to why Starscream’s appearance was so different in the War and Fall of Cybertron games to Prime. (To those who don’t know the games, Prime and now Robots in Disguise is on giant continuity)

Now that I got all that fangirling out of the way time for stuff about the blog, I’ve reached 50 followers (more of the time of this post) to all the new readers welcome to Yaoi Playground!!! To all the old readers thanks for sticking with me!!!

Reviews will continue this month with a very special anime review set for Christmas week as I have been wanting to review this particular series for a while but decided to put it off as a sort of Christmas special you could say….


There will also of course be more Fanfic Recommendation as well, I know those posts don’t get many views but I see the fanfic community as an important part of the yaoi community and plus my reviews have given me a chance to talk to some of my favorite authors. You see before posting each Recommendation if it is possible I like to contact the author for their permission. (This can be a little hard sadly for older stories such as Fanfiction Rec 7: Scent of his Mate because they are no longer available on the original sites posted by the author)

I still cannot believe my readers that we are so close to the end of this year now. It has been a busy year offline and online for me, with this blog being started and the big move to name a few things, here’s to ending this year on happy memories everyone!!!