It’s Like Looking into a Genderbent Mirror – Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu


(This anime may be rated PG, but this review is definitely not! You, my readers, have been warned; after all, I do talk about YAOI what do you expect? I am after all a Fujoshi and proud!!!)

It is scary how much of my younger self I saw in Sekaguchi upon watching this anime series, though I must admit my fujoshi life really was not kick-started until I was around 17, so in a way, I am sort of a late bloomer it would seem. Of course with a name online like Mistress of Yaoi you know I must have made up for lost time.

The first episode very quickly had me hooked. From Sekaguchi being nervous about purchasing a BL comic (at first I was so shy I would only purchase my yaoi manga from online, it was not until I came across a manga I really wanted at a con that I made my first offline purchase which was Gravitation) and then later in the episode where he is explaining to his friend that liking BL does not make him gay it reminded me of a conversation I found myself having a lot when I was drinking with fellow otaku when I was younger.


‘You like yaoi right? Do you watch gay porn?” Now I’m not enough of a prude to turn around and say I don’t watch porn, it’s the 21st century, we all have the internet and everyone looks it up every now and again. For me personally it’s more a curiosity than a means to a happy end so in that statement I guess I would say I have seen it but I don’t actively seek it out like many of assuming, most the time I’m either amazed by how far a body can be pushed or just end up laughing at the really bad acting.

┬áThe biggest complaint I have seen on many anime sites about the short series is its lack of a narrative and plot but there is a plot here, it’s just not the kind of plot one expects. There may be no point A to point B plot here, but there is a story of a fan discovering themselves within the fandom they have chosen. To a certain extent I must admit, I myself find it almost funny that many say there is no real plot because it is a story of fandom that should touch close to home with any anime fan.

7sknlk-mediumDiscovering what you love, sharing it with your friends, a want to find new friends within that fandom, discovering new things within that fandom to love because of the friends you have made. As I said this is a story any fan could easily see themselves in even if they have no interest in BL.

This was definitely my favorite anime of the Fall 2016 season and I thoroughly enjoyed the comedy of the series that his so close to home for me myself that I just lost it laughing again and again. Comedy is completely subjective however and what I find funny others probably won’t and vice versa. Of all the comedy series I watch very few make me laugh but there is still a level of enjoyment I get from the series.

What was your favorite anime of last season? Did you enjoy Fundashi Koukou Seikatsu? Let me know in the comments below and till next time this is Mistress of Yaoi!!!


5 thoughts on “It’s Like Looking into a Genderbent Mirror – Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu

  1. It’s good to know you enjoyed it. I actually finished watching this and yes, I’m guilty of attacking the show’s ‘lack of plot’ in my review. I think it’s because of the length. It’s really just too short to explore the characters deeper, though I have to agree that when it comes to the ‘fun’ factor, the humor for this show is nice. It’s not my favorite show this season, but it’s definitely one I won’t forget because of its unique premise. Nice post! I can feel why you’re so attached to the show! ^_^


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