Voice of the Fandom – Awesome Yuri on Ice Parodies!!!

At the time of me writing this I have not seen the final episode of Yuri on Ice, so please I beg my readers please don’t spoil the ending for me pretty please!!


Anime english cover’s are a dime a dozen on youtube but in recent weeks I discovered an awesome parody of History Maker by the lovely Judee Zee, this parody rightfully titled History Maker Yaoi Version. This brilliant little song takes the themes of History Maker and becomes a song of the fandoms wonderful journey into Vikturi!!!

This would have been enough to make me on happy fangirl but then… earlier this week something else appeared on Judee Zee’s Youtube page and something amazing happened and it was almost too much for this fujoshi!


A new Yuri on Ice!!!! Parody song was uploaded, this time taking that ear worm of a wonderful song from Trolls ‘Can’t Stop This Feeling’ and we were given a special gift in Can’t Stop the Shipping!!! Not only do we get another song on Vikturi but we also get mention of the newest ship to take the fandom by storm in a matter of hours of a certain ep coming out now we also have Otayuri to gush over!!!

The Yuri on Ice!!!!! Fandom has been a much needed shot of cheer I have needed after a hard year health wise and once the series is over I just know this awesome fandom is not going to disappear!!!

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