Saint Young Men – Anime Review

On a side note I have not read the manga for this series so this review only covers the two OVA episodes of the anime and the movie.


I ship Buddha x Jesus because of this anime, it’s so taboo it’s blasphemous and I don’t care they are just too cute!!! If I could describe this slice of life anime in one word it would most definitely be adorable.

Oh it’s that special time of year where the weather get’s hot (well for me and my fellow anime fans in the southern hemisphere) and it’s a time for family, friends and of course if you are that way inclined it is also Christmas time, so I thought what better review for this time of year than an anime about Buddha and Jesus Christ himself on holiday? After all deity’s need to relax every now and again too.

This slice of life series tells the story of Jesus Christ and Buddha taking a holiday from heaven down on earth. Buddha wants to relax somewhere with rice but doesn’t want to go to India and Jesus just want’s somewhere with a good internet connection, (Guess that means Australia is out lol our internet sucks) so the two decide to rent an apartment in Japan. While there they have to hide their divinity from the locals and hilarity ensues from this simple premise.


Watching this anime brought back memories of me sitting with my grandparents and watching the original ‘Odd Couple’ the best humor of the series comes from the two bouncing off each other. Jesus likes to splurge whereas Buddha wants to stay on top of the funds. Their interactions with the locals are also funny.

They both fear their strict landlady a tough old woman and Buddha is constantly harassed by the neighborhood children. Also, a certain scene in a bathhouse shows the level of innocence our Jesus has when he strikes up an uncomfortable conversation with a stranger.

This is a series I myself thoroughly enjoyed, though I suppose I could see some religious people perhaps not liking the series, if a little bit of blasphemy does not bother you, I say give this series a watch!!!!


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