Taking a Month Long Hiatus

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Greetings and salutations my fellow yaoi lovers, don’t worry I don’t have any bad news.

It has been a year now since I started this blog and I am so happy with how things have gone and I am so very proud of myself for everything I have put out. Also I want to give a big shout out to everyone who has liked and commented on posts and all the wonderful followers.

That being said, there is another project that since starting this blog has been put on the back burner and that is my massive Transformers Prime fanfic project ‘Still Alive‘.

To those of you who do not know, before starting this blog I have over years written a few fanfictions a lot of which were under a different name and many of which are no longer online, because if I completely honest with myself they were very cringe worthy.


And that is me being nice to myself

I actually stopped writing fanfiction for a long time then a couple months before starting this blog I started writing again because I had been spending a lot of time reading fanfiction again and was having ideas for stories I wanted to read but could not find so I decided to write them myself.

My biggest catalyst for this was the series Transformers Prime which is where Still Alive takes place, sort of let’s call it a slightly AU expanding universe at this point. My main goal of this story was to bring back some classic transformers favorite characters of mine and have them in the Prime universe as well as exploring some different avenues of character development for canon characters with added back stories.

Went on a bit there, but admittedly this has been a passion project for me. I want to use the next month to take a break from blogging and going back into this project. I will be back next month with more yaoi reviews, until then I will still be of course posting pics on Instagram and of course posting other stuff on twitter.

See you guys next month, Sincerely Mistress of Yaoi

Sex Therapist – Yaoi Manga Review

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With only one appointment available per day and having to make the appointment through the website, Bar Kain is an exclusive nightspot that smells of relaxing incense and will help you discover what your heart truly desires even if the brain wants to deny it.

1-1The last Review was such a dark one that I wanted to take a different route for the next one but at the same time, I thought I would keep it with the theme of a psychological story. Then I remembered a manga I read a good couple of years ago that would be perfect!

A mostly anthology series of stories with each almost being self-contained, the main focus of each of them being our enigmatic therapist Kain and occasionally a barman from another bar in the same district who seems to be an old friend of Kain’s from the way the two interact at the end of each story.

Everything about Kain is designed to drag the reader and clients in, his androgynous sexual appeal and careful choice of words are like the most seductive of honey that will help cure the hearts of those who see his help.

04-2_zps7aa14888As for the ‘therapy sessions’ well they are wet, sticky and very yaoi, my readers. One thing that will be a put off for this story for some is the subject of dubious consent at times. To explain without too many spoilers there is a hint of hallucination with Kain’s efforts and this might cross a line for some, for me, it does not because this is fiction.

I’ve mentioned this before but I myself do enjoy taboo subject matter when it comes to fiction, breaking taboos without a risk of actually hurting others can help us explore ourselves. (Probably why one of my favorite TV show is Hannibal at the moment, though some certain undertones help that as well ;p)

Another manga that might not be for everyone, though definitely open to more people than ‘Killing Stalking’ if you like your yaoi hot and sticky with an emotional edge this is a mango worth looking into.


Fanfiction Rec 12: Maelstrom

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If Yuri!!! On Ice has taught me anything my readers, it is how fast a new fandom can be born, from the very first ep we had gushing fangirls and shippers jumping on board for the pairing that has been nicknamed Victuri and with the explosion of any new fandom on the internet you are sure to see a boom of fan projects.

tumblr_ofmv25x2ny1qdk9z7o1_1280In the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom, we have seen parody song covers, a tonne of fanart and of course fanfiction, seriously there is already thousands upon thousands of fanfiction for the series and this is a series that debut in November 2016!!!

So there is definitely a quantity of fanfiction out there, but what about quality? Well… the quality is not quite there just yet. There is a lot of bad fanfiction out there following too many old yaoi slash fic tropes, but amongst all those fics I do believe I have found a gem.

Maelstrom by feels like fire takes a plot that I have not seen so well executed in the realm of fanfiction, the Groundhog Day scenario. A mysterious snow storm in the catalyst for a story that has Victor stumbles over Yuri, the love story side of things kind of reminded me of the movie 50 First Dates only with a time paradox which was a fun read.

This is definitely a quality fanfiction that has come out of the Yuri!!! on Ice fandom and is a must-read for any fan of Victuri!!

Fanfiction Rec 11: Apples

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Even the most avid of fanfiction readers will tell you, there is a lot of bad fanfiction out there. That was part of the reason why I started Fanfiction Rec here on Yaoi Playground. Some call it digging through the mud to find a gem but if I’m completely honest at times it can feel like digging through a pile of shit and occasionally finding a diamond but more often than not all you find is a cubic zirconia.

This is especially true when it comes to bigger fandoms. Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Pokemon (be prepared for anything going into Pokemon fanfiction) and of course Harry Potter to name a few.

2011f264b584a3d0287daf786c3f0bdcThis week’s fic delves into the world of Dragon Ball Z fanfiction and one of the best-written fanfictions I have come across for one of my favorite ships of the series, Gohan x Piccolo, as long as of course Gohan is of consenting age.

A single moment of kindness is all it can take for a heart to be won over and that was the catalyst for Gohan’s affection in Apples by BelovedWithKindness. This fanfiction is another slow burn story with 32 amazing chapters.

What I love most about this story the exploration of sexuality not just with Gohan, but with Piccolo. This is a relationship of many firsts for both and this gives the story a very natural progression throughout the chapters and leaves the reader invested in the up and downs of a new relationship and a question I don’t see explored very often; is it easier to stand by the one you love forever as just a friend, or can you risk that friendship to find something more?

Killing Me Softly – A Killing Stalking Analysis From a Yaoi Fans Point of View

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When it comes to works of fiction, I am of the strong opinion that fiction is where we as humans can explore the darkest of taboos in society. It is for this reason why for me when it comes to horror, psychological horror is the kind that fascinates me to no end. If any of you my readers have been following my Fanfic Recommendation posts you will have noticed that a lot of these well-written fanfictions explore themes of abuse, mental health, and violence. As painful as these subjects are to talk about, the fact is that they NEED to be talked about and sometimes talking about issues close to us are easier in fiction because there is a sense of dissociation with the subject matter when it is fiction, but this does not make the subject matter any less real.


Before I continue this review I want to make one thing clear right now, I don’t believe this work glorifies an abusive relationship. There are many kinds of ‘love’ stories out there and not all of these stories are sunshine, rainbows, and smiles. I am strongly against abuse in any kind of relationship of any kind from any partner, but at the same time, I am happy that this story is being told because relationships like this do happen and just pretending that they don’t is pure stupidity and ignorance which is also something I can not stand.

When I announced on Twitter that I would be reading this Manhwa, I was warned by many that this would not be an easy read. To be completely honest, I have read stuff that has made me a lot more uncomfortable. Soylent Green and Lolita are works of classic literature that came to mind and if I was to name a more uncomfortable but brilliant manga; the manga adaptation of Battle Royale is pretty out there with graphic imagery of violence, abuse, and sexuality. (note to self-review Battle Royale at some point)


That being said I can see why this sort of story is not for everyone and this is one instance where the term ‘Trigger Warning’ actually does apply. The term to me at the very least feels overused even when used as a joke, but then again in this day and age of the SJWs, it can be hard to tell when said warning is a joke or not. I have already made it clear that I am not a fan of SJWs and I am sure that by the end of this review they will have yet another reason not to be a fan of mine, I am past the point of caring what these kinds of people think of my opinion. Ok, rant over… for now I guess I have a review to write and for you to read.

yoonYoon Bum see’s himself as nothing more than pathetic. He has a history of stalking as well as a brief stint in the military that has left mental scars on top of that which was already beneath the surface. How he would have passed a psych exam to become a soldier I honestly cannot figure out and as more of his past is revealed in the ongoing story it becomes clear that the only reason he is still alive is that he fears death and that fear might be the only thing keeping him alive.

f5215a2cecc8726a39bd3627c02c135eSangwoo on the outside is perfect in the eyes of Yoon Bum. He is handsome, popular and even a hero to Bum at one point. However behind that handsome face and popular visage hides a monster that has learned to adapt to the ways of the world so he can hunt for what he wants, and he will get what he wants.

To put it bluntly he is a socially well-adjusted Psychopath, however, don’t quote me on this one as I have never studied psychology formally but have read up upon many subjects of psychology in my own time to improve my own writing with realistic character development.

It becomes very clear with the actions between the two characters that Sangwoo has very little if any empathy for others even Bum. This detachment becomes even more obvious in scenes where he talks of loving a person in a sentence in which he ends with how he killed them.

One of the more infamous scenes of torture in the manhwa shows just how disjointed from reality Sangwoo is and that is when he puts a rope around Bum’s neck, at first he shows joy and fascination from the moment but then something else happens.

Sangwoo suffers from Sexual Sadism Disorder, a disturbing mental illness where the person reaches sexual gratification from the pain and or torture of others, again I emphasize that I have no background in psychology.

This is a disturbing read, there is no doubt about that. But then again it reminds me of an old saying… see it’s like when you go past a car crash, you know you should not look especially if there is a tarp up, but in the back of your mind, your own curiosity wants that tarp to fall. Deep down you want to see that which they say you must not.

aliwnThis is why stories like these fascinate those like myself. It’s why gore and shock websites, the quarantined parts of Reddit and the /b/ board on 4chan are constantly updated and watched. It’s why we google something when we are told not to.

There is a dark curiosity within us all and the world can be a very dark place. Every day we make choices on what we choose to look for in this world, we choose to learn about that which that disturbs us so that we can better understand it.

15802520_1206318936070429_7292664579513909248_nIn that sense, we continue reading ‘Killing Stalking’ because we want to understand the actions of Yoon Bum, Sungwoo and those around them. I cannot in good conscious recommend this Manhwa to everyone, but if you are not easily disturbed, curious about the extreme another side of the spectrum that is boys love/yaoi and have an open mind, by all means, read this story.

This is their story, it is not meant to glorify abuse or be admired but it is their story and there are stories like theirs out there in this world. They might not all be this extreme but abuse can happen to anyone and if you or anyone you know are in an abusive relationship know that if you ask for help it will come.


I’ve Dived Head First into the World of Yaoi Manhwa


I have been enjoying reading Killing Stalking so much over the past couple of weeks, (yes I did say enjoying) that I have been looking into other yaoi manhwa to read and my sweet yaoi gods I have found a new level to Yaoi Nirvana.

cd70f21cd866193d816df6bedc5db966But Mistress needs your help my readers, see I’m new to this side of the yaoi fandom as I said Killing Stalking is sort of a first for me… well looking into it that is not entirely true I’ve been following 19 Days for over a year now without knowing it was also a manhwa. Fr the longest time I honestly thought 19 Days was just a web comic being uploaded to tumblr.

I might be a long time yaoi fan but even i am discovering new things in the genre every day almost and I love it!!!

Anyway onto what I want to ask you my readers, I’m looking for recommendations!!! As long as it is yaoi/shonen Ai/boys love I will give it a shot!! Also if I end up reviewing any of your suggestions in the future I will make sure to give you a shout out in the review!

I look forward to reading your requests my readers.

What I’m Watching in January


It’s past the halfway point of January and I am finally catching up on some anime watching as well as finally getting around to reading a certain Manhwa that has gained some online infamy in the last month, but you will read more about that in my upcoming review!!!


Of course I am reading Killing Stalking!!!

Anime began a new season this month which has me happy as I have been able to check out nearly everything I wanted to watch this season, though first I want to talk about one small left over from last season. Classicaloid caught my interest last month with it’s quirky premise and humor but as the series has continued on it has started to feel jarring. For me at least it feels like the series wants to be funny but then tries to tell a serious story. I’m not saying this can not be done but right now it feels like a mess with this series tone wise. I’m going to give the series another episode but there is a strong chance I could be dropping this one.


Anime I have picked up this season include Akiba’s Trip the animation, which I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of and look forward to continuing. (On a side note I love the game Akiba’s Trip 2 which I purchased on a whim last year from the psn store for my PS4 and loved enough to write a review. That being said I have learnt from the past that being a fan of the game an anime is an adaptation of is not enough for me to enjoy an anime. Last years Ace Attorney anime is proof enough of that.

news_xlarge_demi_kv_rgb3I have also checked out ‘Interviews with Monster Girls’ simply because from the promotional artwork I saw that there was an adorable dullahan girl in the cast. Must admit ever since seeing Celty in Durarara!!! I have been fascinated by them and I was disapointed by the lack of screen time the dullahan in Monster Musume had.

Another anime I picked up because the premise intrigued me is Masamune-kun no Revenge, though upon watching the first episode and the obvious cliff hanger I’m not sure if I will continue. As a victim of bullying myself in the past I know that want of getting revenge on your bully. Sadly though I don’t think the anime will completely go down this path and I am predicting sadly a very predictable romantic comedy, so not sure if I’m going to continue or not maybe episode 2 will change my mind.

If it was not obvious from the featured image of this post I am of course also following the new season of Blue Exorcist and that first episode, I’m glad it was not a complete reset of the status quo between friends after the reveal at the end of the last season. I know Rin is not at fault for what his father did in the past, but I also know human nature and his friends would of course be looking for someone to blame for their pain. I will definitely be looking forward to watching more of this one.

Lastly we come to Super Lovers 2… As of the time posting this piece I have yet to watch the first ep and I’m still on the fence about whether or not I enjoy this anime, I have watched more confronting material in the boys love and yaoi anime genre so I don’t know exactly why I have not latched onto this story just yet, maybe it will surprise me this season.


The Character of Music Makes Yuri!!! On Ice

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tumblr_ofi7zykcws1qd79gyo5_r1_1280A large cast of characters in an anime series can be both a blessing and a curse all at once.

On the one hand having several different character types in a series can broaden the audience you want to bring in as a creator, if there is a popular character type at the time you will probably want to include this character type in the cast. The drawback to this can be a lack of character growth throughout the series. Fans will have a type they like and if that character changes too much a creator risks losing the audience.

This type of character is most prone in the ‘Idol’ genre of anime I have noticed, a genre that I myself fell for in the past but have since grown out of simply because I got sick of watching cardboard cutouts brought to life and not characters.


This can also be a trend in the ‘Sports’ genre of anime. One off opponents that are there to fill a niche in the story or fandom. Even when it comes to team sports a member of the main characters team, I can even prove this point with an example.

Lets’s take a look at Kuroko no Basket, other than Kagami and Kuroko without looking it up can you name the other members of the team? Don’t worry if you can, I have been following the anime since it came out and I still can’t unless I just watched an episode recently.


 Yuri!!! on Ice could have so easily fallen into this trap of trope filled characters because of it’s short length and large cast, but even though we have a large cast of many different characters they all get development and there is a big reason as to why and it goes back to the very sport on show in this anime.


I am by no way an expert when it comes to ice skating or any sport for that matter, but each performance on the ice by each skater is a window into that skater through the art of their movement and music. From Yuri’s personal journey outlined in Yuri on Ice, Minami’s playful youth in his Minami Boogie and there is a boisterous arrogance yet vulnerability that comes across in the lyrics of Theme of King JJ.

As we see through Yuri’s journey at the beginning of the series in finding a song for himself, music is just as important to these characters as the hours of practice they have on the ice. They become the music and in this sense the music of the series becomes a character all of it’s own.

Even the opening theme to the series ‘History Maker’ brings it’s own flare to the series. Think about this my reader how many anime do you know with an English opening that is so clear in it’s lyrics? The only other ones I can think of off the top of my head are the openings to Deadman Wonderland and Serial Experiments Lain. Yes Black Lagoon also has an English opening but can you tell me you understand the lyrics without the subs?

History Makers was a perfect fit for this series as I do believe Yuri!!! on Ice will go down as a history maker, you can be sure of that. After all just look at the recent results for the Anime Awards 2016 from Crunchyroll


January Update – Welcome to 2017 on Yaoi Playground!!!

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(Edit: So glad i was wrong with my prediction and that Yuri!!! on Ice won anime for the year yay!!!)

If I am completely honest, I am not surprised Yuri on Ice lost to Re:Zero for Anime of the Year 2016 over on Crunchyroll. All of us in the fujoshi fandom and elsewhere have loved the series but there is stigma for the anime I have personally seen offline for it’s homosexual themes. (My own little sister who loves Haikyuu refused to watch it when I suggested it to her, because she said she doesn’t want to watch yaoi or boys love anime 79410and I did tell her it’s not that kind of anime) There is also the fact that because Yuri!!! on Ice came out so late in the year that perhaps it has not yet had that whole post series fandom explosion quite yet.

(Probably should sit down and finally watch Re:Zero no huh? I must admit I watched the first ep ages ago and it did not grab me so I’m going to give it another chance!)

None the less there will be a spotlight on the series this month on Yaoi Playground. I have two reviews planed for the series, one being a spoiler free review for those who have not watched it yet and might be interested and a longer in depth review on why I loved the series so much!!!

I also have a few other surprises planed for this month with two Fanfic Recs for this month as well as perhaps another list post if you guys would like another one. As for 2017, well I do have a bit of a back log of older yaoi titles in both anime, manga and beyond I am looking forward to reviewing this year, this is Yaoi Playground after all.


Expect even more yaoi in 2017 for I am the Mistress of Yaoi!!!