What I’m Watching in January

It’s past the halfway point of January and I am finally catching up on some anime watching as well as finally getting around to reading a certain Manhwa that has gained some online infamy in the last month, but you will read more about that in my upcoming review!!!


Of course I am reading Killing Stalking!!!

Anime began a new season this month which has me happy as I have been able to check out nearly everything I wanted to watch this season, though first I want to talk about one small left over from last season. Classicaloid caught my interest last month with it’s quirky premise and humor but as the series has continued on it has started to feel jarring. For me at least it feels like the series wants to be funny but then tries to tell a serious story. I’m not saying this can not be done but right now it feels like a mess with this series tone wise. I’m going to give the series another episode but there is a strong chance I could be dropping this one.


Anime I have picked up this season include Akiba’s Trip the animation, which I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of and look forward to continuing. (On a side note I love the game Akiba’s Trip 2 which I purchased on a whim last year from the psn store for my PS4 and loved enough to write a review. That being said I have learnt from the past that being a fan of the game an anime is an adaptation of is not enough for me to enjoy an anime. Last years Ace Attorney anime is proof enough of that.

news_xlarge_demi_kv_rgb3I have also checked out ‘Interviews with Monster Girls’ simply because from the promotional artwork I saw that there was an adorable dullahan girl in the cast. Must admit ever since seeing Celty in Durarara!!! I have been fascinated by them and I was disapointed by the lack of screen time the dullahan in Monster Musume had.

Another anime I picked up because the premise intrigued me is Masamune-kun no Revenge, though upon watching the first episode and the obvious cliff hanger I’m not sure if I will continue. As a victim of bullying myself in the past I know that want of getting revenge on your bully. Sadly though I don’t think the anime will completely go down this path and I am predicting sadly a very predictable romantic comedy, so not sure if I’m going to continue or not maybe episode 2 will change my mind.

If it was not obvious from the featured image of this post I am of course also following the new season of Blue Exorcist and that first episode, I’m glad it was not a complete reset of the status quo between friends after the reveal at the end of the last season. I know Rin is not at fault for what his father did in the past, but I also know human nature and his friends would of course be looking for someone to blame for their pain. I will definitely be looking forward to watching more of this one.

Lastly we come to Super Lovers 2… As of the time posting this piece I have yet to watch the first ep and I’m still on the fence about whether or not I enjoy this anime, I have watched more confronting material in the boys love and yaoi anime genre so I don’t know exactly why I have not latched onto this story just yet, maybe it will surprise me this season.



3 thoughts on “What I’m Watching in January

  1. Killing Stalking… Is definitely an experience /shudders
    Definitely good picks for this season/month.
    I’m excited for Super Lovers 2, but I know it’s not for everybody too, so if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t. Don’t worry too much~


    • It is quite unique, I’ll give it that, but I Sanwon arrested and Bum to find happiness, that’s what I ship bum with happiness cause he needs some 🙏


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