Fanfiction Rec 11: Apples

Even the most avid of fanfiction readers will tell you, there is a lot of bad fanfiction out there. That was part of the reason why I started Fanfiction Rec here on Yaoi Playground. Some call it digging through the mud to find a gem but if I’m completely honest at times it can feel like digging through a pile of shit and occasionally finding a diamond but more often than not all you find is a cubic zirconia.

This is especially true when it comes to bigger fandoms. Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Pokemon (be prepared for anything going into Pokemon fanfiction) and of course Harry Potter to name a few.

2011f264b584a3d0287daf786c3f0bdcThis week’s fic delves into the world of Dragon Ball Z fanfiction and one of the best-written fanfictions I have come across for one of my favorite ships of the series, Gohan x Piccolo, as long as of course Gohan is of consenting age.

A single moment of kindness is all it can take for a heart to be won over and that was the catalyst for Gohan’s affection in Apples by BelovedWithKindness. This fanfiction is another slow burn story with 32 amazing chapters.

What I love most about this story the exploration of sexuality not just with Gohan, but with Piccolo. This is a relationship of many firsts for both and this gives the story a very natural progression throughout the chapters and leaves the reader invested in the up and downs of a new relationship and a question I don’t see explored very often; is it easier to stand by the one you love forever as just a friend, or can you risk that friendship to find something more?

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