Sex Therapist – Yaoi Manga Review

With only one appointment available per day and having to make the appointment through the website, Bar Kain is an exclusive nightspot that smells of relaxing incense and will help you discover what your heart truly desires even if the brain wants to deny it.

1-1The last Review was such a dark one that I wanted to take a different route for the next one but at the same time, I thought I would keep it with the theme of a psychological story. Then I remembered a manga I read a good couple of years ago that would be perfect!

A mostly anthology series of stories with each almost being self-contained, the main focus of each of them being our enigmatic therapist Kain and occasionally a barman from another bar in the same district who seems to be an old friend of Kain’s from the way the two interact at the end of each story.

Everything about Kain is designed to drag the reader and clients in, his androgynous sexual appeal and careful choice of words are like the most seductive of honey that will help cure the hearts of those who see his help.

04-2_zps7aa14888As for the ‘therapy sessions’ well they are wet, sticky and very yaoi, my readers. One thing that will be a put off for this story for some is the subject of dubious consent at times. To explain without too many spoilers there is a hint of hallucination with Kain’s efforts and this might cross a line for some, for me, it does not because this is fiction.

I’ve mentioned this before but I myself do enjoy taboo subject matter when it comes to fiction, breaking taboos without a risk of actually hurting others can help us explore ourselves. (Probably why one of my favorite TV show is Hannibal at the moment, though some certain undertones help that as well ;p)

Another manga that might not be for everyone, though definitely open to more people than ‘Killing Stalking’ if you like your yaoi hot and sticky with an emotional edge this is a mango worth looking into.



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